Demoralized by unfair treatment: Naeemi, a Pakistani Immigrant accounts.

Interview with Amin George Forji



Qari Muzaffar Iqbal Naeemi, a Pakistani immigrant in Finland, has gone through turbulent moments with  the Finnish Security Police (Suojelupoliisi, SUPO) for the most part of his stay in the country after they appeared to link him to terrorism.

For a long period Naeemi was uncertain about his future because the immigration authorities refused to renew his residence permit on the basis of “classified” information provided by SUPO. He was issued with a deportation order and forbidden to see the information against him, meaning therefore that he could not contest.
Naeemi’s ordeal has attracted many news organs. I asked Naeemi if feels the case has strengthened or weakened his spirits.



Can you kindly introduce yourself to our international audience?
         Hello thank you very much again for asking. My name is Qari Muzaffar Iqbal Naeemi,


And you are from Pakistan, right?

    Yes, actually am from Kashmir, an active member of JKLF ( Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front), which is a world wide political organization.


What is the difference, and what is the mission of your organization?

  We want equal rights for every one in Kashmir, something the Pakistani government does not like. As a result, we face a lot of political persecutions from the authorities.


So are you the representative of the JKLF in Finland?

  Not actually, I came to Finland in 1997, more because of political persecutions.


Briefly tell me how your life has been over here in Finland.

I have been lucky to have a job throughout my stay. I also married a Finnish lady, but there is no too much god news left.


You mean you have had hard times too, right?

Yes, Notably with the Immigration Police. My visa was once revoked because as I learnt, I was suspected to be a terrorist, and my marriage was not even recognized. It took over four years for it to be re-instated and that is awful. They even gave e a deportation order in 2004, and never told me what was my crime.
I have had to live my life through struggle, depression and hopelessness. And the worst of it is that i was never given a chance to defend my self in this country.              


I understand that the police have now admitted some fault in their suspicion, and that you were in fact not the terrorist they were looking for. Have you received any compensation from the authorities concerned?

The only compensation is that the police have admitted to me that they got the wrong information about me. But a Helsinki court decision despite the admission has still ruled against me. But I am not going to relent. I will appeal and defend my rights.

When you look back at the situation, do you think it has made you a stronger or weaker person? Has it inspired you in any special way?
 I have been very disheartened and weakened more by it, because i did not get justice.  The accusations has ruined my personality, separated with my friends that are doing s good, and taken me ten years backward.


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