The demolition of a sugar site in York, UK, has been delayed by a number of months as a result of the discovery of the deadly substance asbestos, which can cause various health problems including a form of cancer known as mesothelioma through exposure.
The former British Sugar site was due to be demolished, but officials have said that the demolition has now been postponed by around four months whilst the asbestos problem is dealt with. The authorities plan to turn the site into an eco-community with around four thousand homes, and this should not be affected.
One official said: “I don’t think it’s critical in the delivery of the whole long-term programme for that area. They’ve been getting on with a lot of the works that need to take place. I think progress is being made. It shouldn’t delay the whole delivery of the whole scheme, and it’s not something that’s particularly alarming.”
Another official said: “The reason for the delay is that during demolition we found small additional quantities of asbestos. As is normal procedure we stop other activities and use registered contractors to remove asbestos, but this slowed down the rest of the work.”

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