It appears as though the Democrats have decided that pressuring President Bush is their best course of action to end the Iraq War. The legislation which was revealed today certainly could be described as “pushing.” The Democrats have a plan which is designed to remove all US combat troops from Iraq by fall of next year. Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha were heavily involved in the writing of this bill.

The Bush Administration has always been highly critical of drawing a line in the bloody sand as to when the troops would come home. Although the White House has not yet commented on House Democrats plans to end the war, it can be assumed that they will continue to respond in the same manner: No.

Bush has said that he will veto any and all calls for a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq. Republicans often echo those sentiments as well, saying that such plans would only embolden the enemy and inevitably lead to failure in Iraq.

Unfortunately for Democratic leadership, the party has no general consensus as to how to extricate the nation from the shifting sands of Iraq. Divisions within the party would most likely cause great embarrassment and decreased bloc power in later votes if this one was to fail.

Democrats undoubtedly view the war as a losing proposition, but until they act as a group, all their propositions for escaping it will lose as well.

Nathaniel Jonet

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