With all the problems America is facing right now in the Middle East, friends are hard to come by. So why then has a Democratically controlled Congress decided now is the time to pass a resolution condemning the massacre of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire 90 years ago?

It would actually be funny if the situation weren’t so serious. As one of our greatest friends, Turkey, has asked that we not go forward with the resolution as it’s a very sensitive subject in their country.

Since 90% of supplies pass through our bases in Turkey on the way to Iraq, it would make since that as a friend we would be happy to honor such a request.

Yet for some strange reason the Democrats are determined to condemn an atrocity that took place nearly 100 years ago by a government that no longer exists.

They want a resolution to condemn what happened specifically as “genocide” — a word that provokes instant anger among today’s Turks, since genocide means a deliberate government policy aimed at exterminating a whole people, as distinguished from horrors growing out of a widespread breakdown of law and order in the Ottoman Empire during the First World War.

The only conclusion one can reach based on the evidence at hand, is that Democrats are attempting to outright sabotage our war effort in Iraq. They hope Turkey will cut off the supplies from getting to our troops, which will bring the war to a rapid end and seal our defeat.

If Democrats are actually willing to sabotage the war in Iraq just to stick it to President Bush, it really shows what repulsive human beings many of the Democrats actually are.

This is not President Bush’s war, this is America’s war and every single person that calls themselves an American should want us to win. You don’t have to agree with the war, but you do have to want us to succeed.

By Chris Jones
The Hot Joints

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