Democrats and Republicans found themselves at odds with each other on Tuesday as they mutually hurled allegations of fraud and intimidation to discourage voters from going to the polls. Each demanded for criminal investigations based on the charges.

Republican candidate Tom Kean accused incumbent Democratic Robert Menendez of “Election Day dirty tricks” in New Jersey’s Senate battle.

“Late last night vandals struck the Kean for Senate headquarters … by chaining closed the main entrance to the building as well as breaking off keys in the side door entrances,” according to Kean campaign manager Evan Kozlow further branding the opposing camp’s move as a “desperate ploy” by Menendez operatives.

Republican officials also accused of voting machine rigging found in at least seven polling places all throughout New Jersey.

“We have received dozens of calls from predominately Democrat areas throughout the state complaining of voting machines being preset with votes for Menendez, poll worker misconduct, and machines not registering votes for Tom Kean per the voter’s intent,” said Mark Sheridan, New Jersey Republican State Counsel, in a statement.

“Upon entering the voting booth, individuals have encountered machines that are pre-set to vote for Menendez, causing serious confusion. In some instances, the voter has been unable to de-select the pre-set Menendez vote using the touch screen. A number of voters also have called to express concern that they mistakenly voted for Menendez,” he said.

“Given the frequency of these issues in what are traditionally Democrat areas, we are deeply troubled by these complaints coming from New Jersey voters.”

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