Oh, how the times change. When the Democrats announced that Florida and Michigan were being naughty children for bringing their primary/caucus dates up, they meted out punishment, the votes would not count, as a result the political stumpers just basically avoided the two states. Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama saw fit to pursue a win with no delegates. Both were firmly convinced that they were light years ahead of the other, Florida delegates, who needs them?

There are many facets to this story. Should the Democratic Party have the ability to nullify the feelings of an entire state? Florida and Michigan combined represent 366 delegates, delegates with no vote. At the time it happened Clinton and Obama both glibly went along with the parties wishes. Of course things have changed a little now. With these two wannabe residents of the White House in a virtual dead heat suddenly those 366 delegates out in the cold, could make or break the run for nomination.

Caught in the middle and looking about as dumb as Paris Hilton in a library are the Democratic National Party.  Rather than whacking the PeePee of the bad state organizations they have effectively disenfranchised the 2.4 million voters that took part in the ‘worthless’ and delagateless endeavor. My favorite quote has to be: “The party is certainly concerned that some voters feel their votes didn’t count,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesman Mark Bubriski. Well why didn’t you all think about that before implementing this silly punishment?

Based on President Bush’s popularity ratings, which you need an electron microscope to measure, the Dems should be a shoe in. But managing to annoy their own voters, one has to wonder what whacky tobbacky they are consuming. It can be argued that Dems are dyed in the wool and nothing can change them from their beliefs, personally I suspect that a small percentage are likely to change sides. And look at what happened in Florida last time, with the voting fiasco. When a state has a history of being too close to call, annoying your voters seems like a poor management technique. A 5% swing in the votes will undoubtedly signal the winner.

About the only good thing that could come out of this would be from Hollywood, they are always looking for a good sequel to an awful movie, maybe ‘Dem and Demmer’ would be a good one.

Simon Barrett


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