The hope of G.O.P operatives, that Hillary & Bill would offer a lukewarm embrace of Senator Obama were dashed when both Clinton’s rocked the convention with speeches that put to rest any doubt John McCain will face a unified party in the election battle royal.

While the folks at FOX are still attempting to spin the news cycle with idle rumors and rank gossip, The McCain camp lost its single biggest advantage this evening when William Jefferson Clinton’s knocked it out of the ball park with his heart felt endorsement. While John McCain’s swift boat armada may still attempt to pay a few former Clinton delegates to muddy the water, The issue of party unity is moot question.

That a large percentage of average rank and file folks who supported Hillary in the primary and did not attend the convention and have yet to declare for Obama is a task, its not really a problem related to unity at the convention, These folks, mostly white working class become the group that will decide who becomes the next President and while they lean democrat, 

It becomes Barack Obama’s challenge to convince them, he not John McCain is the candidate who best represents their interests. Months ago when John McCain was considered an also ran, I was one of the very few bloggers who speculated that he would rise from the primary grave yard with the same tenacity and courage that served him so well when he was a POW. 

Joe Biden was sincere when he praised his fellow Senator and long time friend, John McCain is a great American, a patriot and someone you disrespect at your own peril. Were it 1980, he would have my vote, but its 2008 and his approach to the problems created by George W Bush, when all is said and done, is simply a repackaging of the same policy that got us where we are today.   

P.S. Burton Blogger Nations        

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