The Democratic convention is in full swing in Denver. And we here at BNN have two people on the floor live blogging. The reports are just coming in, Robert Hayes, our ace Political Reporter has already filed a couple of stories. Ted Kennedy turned heads, while Jim Leach put on a performance that had the crowd snoring.

The action is turning to the Obama camp, can Michele start to turn the very ‘set in their ways’ Clinton supporters over to the Obama camp? This is make or break, not just for the Obama people, but the entire Democratic party. Rather than having that huge 20 point lead over McCain, they find themselves in a neck and neck race. The reason is the Clinton supporters, they feel that they have been mistreated, recent polls are showing that almost 1/5th of the Clinton folks are threatening to vote McCain.

Obama and his spin meisters have to bring the Clinton’s on board. Without Hillary having a 100% effort to back Obama, her supporters will drift away. This is a very pivotal few days for Obama. Can he pull it off? Only time will tell. But time is of the essence. Clinton holds the key, this is where she must play her trump cards, does she let Obama become the next president, or does she play spoiler and almost certainly let the Republicans in for another term?

Stay tuned to BNN, Robert Hayes will have all the action. I am going to quit now, Robert has stories coming in fast and furious!

Simon Barrett

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