…it is Voo Doo politics. After all, many Democratic platforms and concepts do seem divorced from the realities of day-to-day life.  

Steve Den Beste writes “a few years ago left-wing bloggers embraced the term “reality-based community”, apparently as a response to the the “faith-based community”. But it’s increasingly looking like the left wing is actually hallucination-based. It’s a pathological manifestation of teleology: they seem to believe that if they just wish for something hard enough, it’ll happen.”

“Lose the 2000 election? Well, create a TV show where the Democrats actually won in 2000. Wish Hillary would win, but fear that she won’t? Make another TV show about the first woman (a Democrat, naturally) to be President. Want the War on Terror to end? Just write the history of the future and and have a future President (a woman) end it. Hate George Bush, and wish he was gone? Then make a movie about his assassination,” says Den Beste, offering examples from recent pop culture.

While, on the surface, that may seem glib and humorous, you’ll find a fascinating discussion concerning the psychology and philosophies that lie behind the mindsets that produce what could be called “voo doo politics” and “crisis cults” right here. 


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