The Florida Democratic Convention failed to pull the big guns. This must be viewed as a huge snub for this very important state. It was after all Florida that provided the backdrop of the bizarre 2000 election. Democratic front runners Clinton and Obama opted to avoid the weekend event.

As one convention attendee remarked  “It put a real damper on it”.

It does not take much digging around in the Democratic dirt to figure out the reason that the Big Dogs were missing, the DNC told them to boycott Florida, because the state has decided to bring forward the date of the Primary election. So this was the semi official wrist slapping that was handed out.

Politics is a tricky game, a tightrope act, to be successful you need to ‘speak with forked tongue’, it is important to get your message out, and do it in such a way that you can sway the electorate. Most analysts agree that elections are won and lost by a very small minority of voters, they use the term floating voter, this is the person that can be swayed.

The average card carrying Republican vote for Godzilla if Godzilla is republican, likewise our card carrying Democrat would vote for Pee Wee Herman if he ran. The real power lies in the hands of maybe 10% of the voters that will vote with their heart. And bullying Florida may well have some backlash. Even though President Bush’s approval rating requires an Electron Microscope to measure, the DNC may have made a huge mistake.

Oh, well, no one ever accused politicians of being smart!

Simon Barrett

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