General Peter Pace, steadfast (if slightly overly political) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has now been thrown under the proverbial bus. Pace, who declined to resign, saying he did not want anyone in his command to “think –ever- that his chairman, whoever that person is, could have stayed in the battle and voluntarily walked off the battlefield,” apparently isn’t worth fighting the Democrat controlled Senate –at least in the mind of US Sec. Def. Robert Gates.

Instead of Pace, Gates intends to replace General Pace with Adm. Michael Mullen. Or to restate, in the middle of the largest US ground war since WWII, the current administration is opting to “Go Navy.”

While Pace is certainly not the ideal Chairman, it is an inexcusable act of political cowardice for the Bush administration to turn their backs on him after only a year and a half at the helm. Heck, even the President gets four years to prove sink or swim.

How does that tie in to Democrat prophesies? Well, they’ve said all along that Iraq is another Vietnam, and they’re damn well going to make it one. Politicians fighting wars is a little like engineers doing assembly: in theory it’d be fine, but in practice it just doesn’t seem to work. How can a law expert or an over glorified face man (like Harry Reid) really have operational control over someone who has made the military sciences their life’s work?

Yup, we’ll be lucky if we ever win another conflict. We’re too impatient to stay the course, our leaders cave-in to political pressure, and we let vote-seekers’ polemic override the opinions of experts.

David Dalton is a disabled veteran residing in the greater metro-Atlanta area while finishing up his teaching degree.

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