Results from this Weekend’s Maine Caucuses

Updated Delegates Totals for Republican and Democrat National Convention

Why the States who switched their primaries to early in the year may not make an impact

The latest figures from the Maine Caucuses.
68% of towns in Maine reporting results:
Mitt Romney — 52% of the vote.
John McCain— 21% of the vote.
Ron Paul —– 19% of the vote.
Mike Huckabee- 6% of the vote.
Fred Thompson – 4% of the vote. [Thompson dropped out last month]

CNN projected that Romney will win all 18 of Maine’s delegates to the Republican National Convention.

Although much of Maine saw bad weather during the voting, it wasn’t a factor in suppressing voter turnout.

Despite a sleet storm the night before, which left much of the state coated with slush and ice, cars jammed the car park outside an Augusta elementary school where Kennebec County municipalities were caucusing.

Kim Pettengill, who has been a party activist for more than three decades, said it was the largest Kennebec County caucus turnout since 1980, the year Ronald Reagan won his first Republican nomination for president.

The “unstoppable” John McCain, anointed press darling of the MSM, struggled to keep his vote totals in Maine above 20%.

It seems that when presented with a choice between the MSM’s (including Robert Novak on this particular issue) “unstoppable” McCain and anyone else, Republican voters are choosing “anyone else”–as 80% of Maine Republicans did.
[Romney] told CNN’s “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer” on Sunday that conservative Republicans were rallying to his banner to block McCain, whose stances on tax cuts, immigration and campaign finance reform have incurred the wrath of much of the party’s activist base.

What are the updated delegate totals now for the Republicans and Democrats?

Why might the states which moved their primaries up in the schedule to the beginning of the year be long forgotten by the time the choice of each party is made?

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Convention Updates: Maine Results; Delegate Totals


Convention Updates: Maine Results; Delegate Totals

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