The Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla and his nephew Tony Padilla flew to Orlando to bail Casey Anthony, mother of Caylee Anthony out of jail.

As everyone knows, I am sure, Caylee has been missing since mid June and wasn’t reported missing until a month later and now her mother, Casey is in jail, being charged with child neglect and lying to the police. The 22 year old mother is considered a “person of interest” in the disappearance of her daughter. Casey has been described by many of her friends over the past few weeks as a habitual liar. She claims that she left Caylee with a babysitter and she thinks the babysitter has her now but the police have said that they doubt this story. 

Tony Padilla, the bail bondsman expected to have Casey free by dinnertime Tuesday but a came up with a problem with the paperwork causing a delay, according to Tony Padilla says now Casey probably won’t see the light of day now until Wednesday.

There has been rumors going around that Padilla plans to shoot an episode for his reality TV show, called “The Bounty Hunter” which airs on The National Geographic Channel. Some seem to think he has gotten involved in this case to get material for his show. He denies that of course saying he is only concerned about finding Caylee and bringing her home. “I feel that there is some humanity in that woman that would not allow her to kill that cute little girl,” Leonard Padilla said. “I’ve just got to believe that.”

Padilla says he isn’t worried about Casey trying to escape. “We’re not letting her out of our sight,” he said. Padilla and a team of people will reportedly guard Casey 24/7. Details of how they are going to do this are being worked out with Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez.

“There is a reward out there; I’m not interested in the reward. My only interest…is to get that child back,” Padilla said on Sunday.

He also said he thinks Casey will trust him, because of his experience in dealing with similar situations over the past 33 years. “I don’t think the baby’s dead. I think the baby is alive and I think we can find her,” he added.

Padilla admitted that he has had IRS problems over hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to it says on his website that he spent a year in federal prison because of his IRS problems. Channel 9 asked him what he would do if Casey Anthony said things that would incriminate her in the disappearance of her daughter. “Find the body, call the police, don’t touch the scene,” Padilla replied.

Jan Barrett

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