The members of the influental Irag Study Group have finally released their much anticipated report concerning the conflict in Iraq. The basic report is 84 pages in length and can be downloaded in pdf format from the Iraq Study Group’s web site.

The version with recommendations is also available for download.

Much has been written about the report, including an article entitled “Bush Must Adopt All Iraq Plan” which appears in today’s “BBC” on-line publication.

The opening statement of the report lists as one of its goals the building of a consensus in support of U.S. Foreign policy in the region.

A great beginning towards that end would be a simple list of what “our interests” are (beyond the privatization of Iraq’s national asset, OIL) with detailed explanations as to each “interest,” why these items are “our interests,” who are the contributors to the list.

In my humble opinion, the “debate” has reached the stage of “beyond BIPARTISAN politics. It has arrived at the level of “Informed American people.”

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