Decoding Yaya’s lies-Town Crier Exposes!

By Town Crier

Dear Gambians,

I am really, really getting sick seeing a buffoon of a so-called head of state “Dirma” Yaya Jammeh telling lies to Gambians most if not all the time. This is not the first time I have highlighted the lies this man peddles around us thinking that we will believe him. Let’s listen to this: “I am nowadays afraid to look into peoples’ eyes”. “Becasue each time I do that I can tell when they will die” “I can also reveal a lot information about them”.  These are the words of a really stupid and ungodly so called head of state of Gambia. Even our Holy Books tell us that God creates and also sets the day we will die. If yaya calls himself a believer in Allah and still vomits rotten words like these, one will no doubt know that this man worships something different from us. Let me now prove to Yaya and all Gambians that he is a liar and should stop playing with our intelligence. All the over 10 coups or porported coups that he claims were plotted against him were never unearthened by him, not a single one. It is always an informant bringing the news to him. And those that he always accused were people who are/were close to him and he interacted with them on a daily basis as head of state. I will come to this later. If Yaha now claims to have spiritual powers ever since why didn’t he detect any of these coups.

The latest of the coups was almost a year ago. Yaya travelled with late Daba Marena to Mauritania last year and interacted with him. How comes he looked at the man and was not able to see that the man was going to die soon. And if he knew that the man was going to die under his hands, he would have known the cause of his death and this will have eventually revealed to him that there was a coup in the offing.  No this did not happen. Boy “Soop” Jammeh travelled all the way to Mauritania before receiving a call. Liar!!
Another proof. As CDS, Ndure Cham would have been at the airport to see his boss leave for Mauritania. He would have interacted with him before “Mr. Century Liar Yaya Jammeh” boarded the plane to Mauritania. Why didn’t he see the imminent danger of his ouster in the offing in the eyes of Ndure Cham? Baby Yaya listen and learn from us. Your head does not contain intelligence but brutality in all its forms.
Here is a peek into Kumpo Yaya’s thinking: he is bent in ruling this country for the 20 yrs. the highest he can afford if ever. So in order to scare away ousters or potential threats the boy since he is not fit to be called a man, is trying all tricks to scare people away from forcing him out of power. But we know this. He lied that we his soldiers should be asked if he does not have spiritual means. Boy remember the bar where we used to drink beer and stout at London Corner when you use to get high and stand on one foot and say “I am a soja”. During those times you and me  interacted, you never mentioned to me your spiritual gifts neither did anyone in the army told me about this. So it is not now that you will tell me this and I will believe you.
Another proof. If you can see into the realm of things, why have many of us as plain clothes? Why the NIA? Why the secret men you have privately spying for you? Why do you have the “intel” unit in the army conducting surveillance on top rankers in the army? With all these going on, you want us to believe that you are a seer? I write under the pseudonym Town Crier and you interact with me as a man serving his country yet you dont know that this is me using this name. So how comes you think you can convince people that you a the Kanilai Seer. Gambia Robison Cruso, just stop lying to us. We don’t have any more patience to listen. I will come up with many things to prove to you Oga that you are not that intelligent as you claim. Let those who have ears listen and those that have brains learn since Oga doesn’t seem to have neither. Good day!!!.
Town Crier.
Posted on Saturday, March 17, 2007 (Archive on Tuesday, April 24, 2007)
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