I have followed presidential elections for 30 years, about the only guarantee an elector has is that the Huffing and Puffing by the candidates will not become reality. The candidates sell the ‘sizzle’ not the ‘steak’. In fact often the ‘sizzle’ has nothing whatsoever with the ‘steak’. Last night was a fine example. Mitt Romney sparred with President Obama.

What did we learn? Nothing! Neither contender actually answered a direct question. It was almost that the questions were not relevant. Agendas were the name of the game. But they were not even real agendas, they were smoke and mirrors. Just about the last thing that the US needs is more verbal vomit.

Quite honestly I am fed up to the eyeballs with Mitt (I can rule the world) Romney, Paul (I just do whatever Mitt asks) Ryan, Barack (I have a plan) Obama, and Joe (I can fit a size 12 in my mouth) Biden.

What really bothers me is the money! Oh not the trifling 15 or 16 trillion that we owe. Nope, the amount that is being spent to explain that my ‘asshole’ is better than the opposition’s ‘Asshole’ stance is at the forefront. It is pretty clear that by the time the ‘hanging chads’ are done, the campaigns, PAC’s and Super PAC’s will have spent well over a $billion or two. While it is easy to argue that a couple of $billion is loose change in the big game, what has either side brought to the table that is tangible?

What makes a difference is how you spend your $money. Why waste it on TV Ad’s and Bumper Stickers? Why not use a little of this ‘found’ money to do something that will help real people? Buying ‘Spin’ is a lot like taking a trip to the Fairground and getting Cotton Candy. It is yummy for a couple of minutes, but all you are left with after is the stick!

Romney has way more money than us regular folks will ever have. My wife and I struggle to do basic things, pay the rent, pay the electric bill, and the phone, etc. I am sure we are not alone.

I took offense with this this stupid, pointless, email that I received today:

I hope you watched the debate last night. I needed America to know that a real recovery is within our reach — we just have to choose it.

Tonight is crucial to a Republican team victory on November 6th — it’s the last major fundraising deadline of the election. Your contribution before midnight will help us hold our ground and finish strong.

Contributions from supporters like you have gotten us this far. And you’re not working alone — our 108,000 volunteers have made 3.5 times more phone calls and knocked on 13 times more doors than at the same time during the ’08 campaign.

The strength of our collective efforts speaks to the importance of our goal. Together, we will restore the America we love.

We’re almost there. Now is the time to dig deep — and push back.

Contribute now to help defeat Barack Obama and his liberal allies.

Thank you,

Mitt Romney  

While obviously this did not come from Mitt Romney, it certainly bothered me. We seem to have lost some focus. So who did this come from?


What I really enjoy are the statistics! They have annoyed 3.5 more people with Robo-Calls, and knocked on 13 times as many doors!

These stats are great, but do they mean anything? NO! It just means that the Wonkers and Wonkettes have been annoying people.

People are not as stupid as politicians think. Life is not a chocolate factory. Barack Wonker and Mitt Wonker need to think before they pour the Chocolate!

As to the nut case site that sent me the email, well I have some fine property in Florida that you might be interested in. My question is a simple one. Why would I send $1 to either side? All I see is stupidity.

I am not a fan of most of the well known charities, but at least I know that a small portion of my $1 will do something. What would happen to my $1 if I gave it to Romney or Obama? It would be used to help fund an advert. Worse still, the Ad would be shown in  State that you could care less about!

Screw the free room and board for 4 years at the worlds best hotel. A $million here, a $million there, pretty much you have changed a lot of peoples lives. A $million here and a $million there on TV ad’s is just asinine. You have not changed lives. You have just pissed people off.

Simon Barrett

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