Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

What a wonderful read. I read it in one setting. This is a very poignant story about the different kinds of love. Sparks explores parent/child love and sibling love and love for the those who cannot love back and attraction and passion and long distance love and he packs it all into this book. It is astounding.

Dear John is very well done. It flashes back, yes, but the beginning is short so you don’t mind flashing back. The beginning paragraph sets you up for the flashback so it doesn’t matter. Then, I must confess, after the first few pages, I just had to turn to the back and read the last few pages because I was so sure that it was going to end badly. If that was the case, then I’d have to read it in a different frame of mind.

I won’t tell you what I found out. However, I will tell you that this story is so incredibly touching. It is good reading… not too fluffy, but not too cerebral either. Worth the money. You can read more about it and purchase the book at the link above. Happy reading

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