Dear Jericho,

It’s been a bit of a rough ride between us, but it looks like that ride is coming to an end.  Sure things started out with a bang when you destroyed Denver and twenty-two other US Cities in nuclear explosions.  We had a really great thing going until your first season winter hiatus.  That’s where you quickly became a drama queen on me.

After your first season winter break you got overly political. You put way too many current social issues into the storylines and you weren’t coy about it.  Yes I know I was also seeing Battlestar Galactica at the time, and yes, she does it too, but you don’t have to be like her to impress me. I liked you for who you were when we first started seeing each other.

And then you left. I thought it was over with that season finale where you didn’t actually end anything and spent too much time in flashbacks.  Don’t try to be Lost either; I said I liked you for who you were not for who you were trying to be!

I really thought it was over back in May. I was willing to walk away because I thought you were gone for good… but you weren’t.  You came back and I, though reluctant at first, welcomed you back. 

You seemed more grown up, different. You weren’t the same young overly dramatic Jericho I ended up resenting a year ago. I have to say I was impressed.   But I think we both knew it wasn’t meant to last.  Seven episodes isn’t a season, it’s a chance to make amends.  Well, I think we’ve done that. 

Your final episode airs Tuesday at 10:00 on CBS. 

I can’t take back the things I’ve said in the past, but at least now we can end on much better terms.  I wish you all the best, Jericho. 

Thanks for the memories!

Forever yours,

Andy Zoric

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