On coming November 7, 175 millions American citizens, registered as voters in US of A, a country that’s given the world many of the best of its class in human civilization starting with Jefferson and Paine, Statue of Liberty, freedom of voices and opinions, human rights, and Bob Dylan lately, exercise their democratic voting rights in electing entire 435 representatives for two years starting from January 3, 2007 for House of Representative, one of the two chambers of US Congress; electing another 33 Senators for six years for the other chamber, the senate that comprises 100 members and in electing 36 state Governors out of fifty states. Many other local elections are scheduled on 7th November. 


And the heat of that election is felt all over the world. More so because of it’s an AMERICAN election, and more so because of omnipresent internet media now makes local news accessible to global audiences.


This article does not talk about to whom you should vote. As a citizen of the only superpower of the world, you are aware about the promises and performances of your candidates, and their schools of thoughts.


This is just a reminder of the well-known hard global facts that the policy makers you elect are the same policy-makers who would form policies that not only affect United States of America and American citizens, but also indirectly or directly affect fate of more than 6.55 billion people of the world. Sounds a bit exaggerated, but in a sense, it’s true.


No doubt monopoly rots, and the monopoly of USA in global affairs over more than last decade has seen USA losing its diplomatic power over many nations across the world. The world has suffered many a golden chance to present a human civilization of which all human beings on this world can be proud of – take it from terrorism to global warming to nuclear disarmament to growing inequalities.


Many of the not-so-lucky children of this world looked at America as a land of opportunity. Billions of people across the world over all generations, more so from the lands of underprivileged ones (underprivileged in economic sense or underprivileged in human values) looked at the opportunity of gaining an entry to your coveted land.


It remains so even today – however lately citizens of America have also seen how in-spite of attracting the best brains, you are losing your manufacturing jobs to China and many of the services jobs to India. Your country continues to run and sustain record trade deficits and fiscal deficits. Even in so-called high-tech areas, your trade surpluses have vanished and lately resulted in your consuming more than what you produce in so-called hi-tech goods too.


In notably two areas – one in defense and the other in agriculture – you still retain your export competitiveness. How you do the first can be best answered by your policy makers whom you elect, and who untiringly preach global peace. The 2nd can be best answered by millions of poor farmers in Africa who grow cotton at a much cheaper rate with age-old equipments and manual labor; but then they don’t get subsidies like American farmers get.


Your country preached globalization as long as you were competitive and innovative. You still may be – but by now you also know the downside of free trade. Immediately after 2nd world war, your country produced half the world’s coal, two-thirds of global oil, and more than half of the global electricity. In 2005, share of all these have fallen to less than 25%, in oil even to 10%.


Other than Microsoft, Google and Yahoo (and Boeing), reliance on American goods and services globally have shrank by ordinary citizens.


After 2nd world war, the world liked you because of your human face in-spite of having such resources, and still being ‘good’ to the broader world. Many of us aren’t too sure about that anymore.


The high-pitched election campaign in US media let us know various issues – Iraq and your losing 100 soldiers even in the very last month, oil-prices which pinched you sometime back but now seems within tolerance zone, domestic economy which seems to be fine as per ruling Bush-administration and obviously not so fine according to the opposite Republicans, etc.


All of them are very true – and just like the unfortunate incident of 100 US soldiers losing their lives in Iraq last month, there’s very less attention paid to the loss of lives to ordinary Iraqis. They didn’t call you there – your policy makers with their urge to help those Iraqis (?) under the tyranny of Saddam Hussein and to have a better, safer USA (and world) felt a compelling cause to be there. Whether your policy-makers made the worse better or they so far converted the worse to a worst situation and thereby wondering what to be done now is best known to the policy-makers you elected.


Regarding oil prices, it may be a good idea to point out that rest of the world is financing all your oil imports freely to your government for the fiat currency called dollar. Your monthly trade deficit has been more than $60 billion consistently in last many months, touching a whopping $69.9 billion as per latest figure of August. Your country imports roughly 10 million barrels of crude every day, which even at $70/barrel comes to a monthly import bill of $21 billion.


Your government does not find any difficulty in sustaining $60 billion+ trade deficit month after month as the rest of the world needs that paper called dollar.


So before cursing oil producing countries, you may please check the financial health of your own economy. The funny thing about US-ruled global policies of last decade is the rich continuously borrows from the poor – more than $2 billion a day from rest of the world where 3 billion people earn less than $2 a day, and more than 1.2 billion people make do with less than a dollar a day.



Your government could afford an Iraq war costing billions of dollars and many lives, your government could initiate isolating Iran and North Korea in global forums. No issues there, had the same initiative been taken in many of the other alarming issues that affected billions all over the world.


Rest of the world apparently doesn’t have a choice. They rather fund your deficits than eradicate poverty. What your country borrows daily from rest of the world can potentially improve the standard of life of these billions of poor people by 100%.


The recent Stern report on global warming is also making headline news lately. Another statistics – 4% of global population from your country contribute to 25% of greenhouse gas (GHG) gas emissions. Your policy makers don’t think a UN resolution or unilateral US action is needed against exploitation of Mother Nature which is a common good for all of us. USA hasn’t yet ratified Kyoto protocol because too many other important issues take priority with your policy-makers. Just like it’s not ethical by any to spoil our individual backyard and thereby make profit from it, it’s equally not ethical to profit and exploit the backyard of Mother Nature.


175 million American voters can impact lives of 3 billion underprivileged people of the world directly, and that of all the rest indirectly in the short term, and for billions more in future for generations. You vote for the right people with right policies who would make your life better, the lives of your future generations better, and that of the broader world better.


Rabindranath Tagore, 1st Noble laureate winner from Asia, the continent where still poverty and hunger thrive along with new found richness stated that if we leave some people behind and move forward progressively, sooner or later the left behinds would pull us back.


Inequality within your country has been on the rise – and that’s globally too been on the rise.


At some point of time it makes us wonder whether this form of democracy, capitalism and free markets and trade is something which is really desired by the masses; or it only serves the purposes of the classes.


So vote wisely – vote for your better life, for a better America and for a better sustainable world – for our generations and for generations to come where we indeed feel proud of this human civilization – a civilization where America and Americans contributed positively, and showed the direction forward at all important junctures to the rest of the world.

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