Seriously, Robert Liparulo is one of my all time favorite authors. He can take a What If and actully follow through. Deadlock is a sequel and it is not a sequel in the sense of other sequels. You absolutely do not need to have read Deadfall in order to completely understand and enjoy Deadlock.


In today’s advanced technology, this is such a chilling story because it could actually happen. It is terrifying that someone with absolutley not conscience or moral apititude could have access to such fortune that puts him above the law and above accountability. That seems to be happening in our world today, more’s the pity.

Liparulo has once again written a masterpiece of suspense. It will, no doubt, keep you up at night and you’ll be thinking about it throughout the day until you can settle in your arm chair or bed to finish it. The characters are very well developed, and absolutely believable. They reach out from the page and grab you, pulling you into theri problems so much so, that there is no “relaxing” with this book.

He takes the possibilities of what would happen if a game suddenly became real… What would happen if violent-prone men who are not fully mature (18-25) were suddenly able to live out their violent fantasy completely legally… Then what would happen if one or two of these young men were suddenly brought face to face with reality?


If anyone would like a copy of Bob’s Comes a Horseman email me. My review of that book is here.  I will be sending out details as soon as I receive the copies from Bob.

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Robert Liparulo is a former journalist, with over a thousand articles and multiple writing awards to his name. Readers of his action-thrillers were not surprised when his visual storytelling style caught the eye of Hollywood producers. Currently, three of his novels for adults are in various stages of development for the big screen: the film rights to Comes A Horseman were purchased by the producer of Tom Clancy’s movies; and Liparulo is penning the screenplays for GERM and Deadfall for two top producers. He is also working with the director Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Holes) on a political thriller. Novelist Michael Palmer calls Deadfall “a brilliantly crafted thriller.” March 31st marked the publication of Deadfall’s follow-up, Deadlock, which novelist Gayle Lynds calls, “best of high-octane suspense.”

Liparulo’s bestselling young adult series, Dreamhouse Kings, debuted last year with House of Dark Shadows and Watcher in the Woods. Book three, Gatekeepers released in January, and number four, Timescape, comes out in July. The series has garnered praise from readers, both young and old, as well as attracting famous fans who themselves know the genre inside and out. Of the series Goosebumps creator R.L. Stine says, “I loved wandering around in these books. With a house of so many great, haunting stories, why would you ever want to go outside?”

He is currently working on his next thriller, which for the first time injects a bit of the supernatural into his gun-blazing stories. The story is so compelling, two Hollywood studios are already in talks to acquire it—despite its publication date being more than a year away. After that comes a trilogy of novels, based on the critically acclaimed short story he contributed to James Patterson’s Thriller anthology. New York Times bestselling author Steve Berry calls Liparulo’s writing “Inventive, suspenseful, and highly entertaining . . . Robert Liparulo is a storyteller, pure and simple.” He lives with his family in Colorado.


John Hutchinson thinks it’s no coincidence that Brendan Page runs this modern Praetorian Guard, and that the billionaire military industrialist must have had something to do with the atrocities his son Declan committed in Canada. The Canadian and U.S. Justice departments disagree, but Hutch has been digging for dirt ever since.

Brendan Page has some dirty not-so-little secrets. he’s built an empire on supplying futuristic weapons and highly trained soldiers to the world’s most powerful armies. But he’s saved his most destructive weapons for himself.

When Hutch discovers the secret of Page’s success, Page decides to teach him a lesson. But the operation goes terribly wrong, and Hutch’s son is kidnapped. While a lone man stands little chance against the best black op soldiers ever issued M-16s, Hutch manages to survive longer than Page anticipated. As far as Hutch is concerned, high-tech helmets, machine guns, and hand grenades are nothing compared to a man determined to save his son. It’s a lesson he sets out to teach Page-and one that he can only hope works as well in the real world as it does in his heart.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Deadlock, go HERE

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