caylee-a.jpgFor better than three years now the world has waited for the person responsible for the death of little 2 year old Caylee Anthony to be punished by law, but that seems to have failed us. A jury of 12 members found Casey Anthony not guilty which caused a major outcry across the country.

We keep hearing from people that it is over, we need to let it go. Well how can we do that when Casey Anthony continues to walk away from things she has done without paying her dues for them, including fines that no other American could ever get away with not paying. If they don’t have a job then they are put behind bars or ordered to do community service in order to pay the debt off.

Casey Anthony has been found guilty of check fraud after she openly admitted it to the judge. She was given credit for time served and ordered to serve one year probation after her release from jail. Even now her attorney’s seem to think this “little nothing” doesn’t deserve to have to serve since they claim she served her probation while still in jail when they knew no one in their right mind can serve probation while in jail. The order called for her to find a job, and there were other restrictions that would be a direct violation of any probation if you are in jail.

We are still waiting on Judge Belvin Perry to give his decision on whether or not this woman should have to return to Orlando and serve probation. In my own opinion I say if they don’t make her do so, that will open the door to a lot of other people ordered to serve probation to argue with the courts about it. Throughout the whole murder trial we heard arguments from Baez about this never happening before or that never happening before and he argued that since it never happened before then it shouldn’t be allowed now.

Now I hear something different today only this time it is from the Department of Children and Families and not the courts or the defense team that thinks they are above and beyond the law now.

The DCF have released their final report on Caylee Anthony’s death. They have found that Casey Anthony failed to protect her daughter, Caylee and that the failure interfered with the law enforcement investigation and efforts to find the child. They are not saying Casey killed Caylee but they are saying that she failed to protect her.

The report says:

“It is the conclusion of the Department of Children and Families that [Casey Anthony] failed to protect her child from harm either through her actions or lack of actions, which tragically resulted in the child’s untimely death.”

The spokeswoman for the DCF, Carrie Hoeppner claims the state’s probe was not a criminal investigation but it was submitted to the Orange County Sheriff’s office. Unfortunately though, the report won’t bring any charges against Casey Anthony.

So there we have it. She walks free yet another time. If the courts, the people that stand by her and anyone else that seem to think this should just go away then let her pay for something that she has done wrong. She has gotten away with everything. They complain about her sitting in that jail all alone for three years. Well no sympathy here from me for that. If what they told the jury and the court was correct, she would not have been sitting in that jail all that time. She would have been out living her beautiful life a long time ago. So they will never in a million years convince me with that dumb story Baez told the jury in his opening statement at the beginning of the trial.

And if truth be told, the jurors that did manage to give their opinions after the trial even admitted they never said she was innocent so what is wrong with that picture? So don’t tell me to move on. Don’t tell me it is over. It won’t ever be over until Casey Anthony pays for what she has done in some way, shape or form. If she doesn’t, then shame on the Orlando prosecutors. The people stood behind them during this trial. Please don’t let the people down now. Go after justice for Caylee. Be her voice and make Casey Anthony pay some how.

The people are being a voice for Caylee now and we the people demand that justice be served. God bless you Caylee Marie Anthony. I know you are in a better place now and you will never have to suffer again.

Jan Barrett

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