Shawn tells Belle that his New Year’s Resolution is going to be to trust his beautiful wife completely. Caroline comes in and asks Shawn if he can help her unload some boxes of Champagne bottles. As soon as he is out of the room, Phillip walks in telling Belle he came to wish her a Happy New Years. He wants to discuss their future and she tells him they don’t have a future. He doesn’t believe that is what she really wants. She tells him she wants to be with Shawn and she wants to spend her life with him. Phillip says he loves her too much to just let her go like that.

He tells her to feel her heart beat. He says it is beating as fast as his is right now and that’s because of what they feel for each other. She says she won’t deny that she is attracted to him. He says it is more than that, he knows she loves him.. She tells him OK she has listened to him now she wants him to listen to her. She says she loves Shawn and everything about him. She says she loves feeling his hands all over her and now she wants him to get out of there. Just as he is about to say something Shawn walks in and asks him what is he doing there. Shawn tells Phillip that he thought his wife made it clear to him that she didn’t want him anymore. Phillip said she is confused and that she wants a lot of things. Belle says she knows she doesn’t want him and she wants him to leave. Shawn tells him to leave.

When Phillip leaves Belle tells Shawn this is all her fault. He says it is all over now. He says she got rid of Phillip so now all they have to do is start moving forward. She says that is just it, she sees now that she can’t move forward til she tells him something. She says it is something she should have told him weeks before this but she just didn’t know how but she knows now she has to tell him. Belle confesses to Shawn that she cheated on him before they got married. She says she slept with Phillip.

EJ is holding Allie trying to get her to calm down when someone knocks at the door. It is Stefano standing there with a baby carriage telling EJ he has come to collect his grandson. Stefano says he only wants his grandson to take him out for a walk. EJ asks him what happens after the walk. He asks is he going to take him off on an airplane or something. Stefano asks him what has happened to him, and EJ asks him why he won’t answer his question. Stefano tells him it pains him to see his son going around acting like a paid babysitter with no backbone.

EJ says he thinks if he takes Johnny off he has no plans of returning with him. Stefano tells EJ he is either going to be a devoted son to him and a DiMera soldier or and enemy to him. He wants to know now which one will he be? EJ says he is sorry but his mind is made up. He will let him see his son but not without him there. Stefano says he is disappointed in him. As Stefano starts to leave EJ tells him they have a lot of secrets in the DiMera family so he better not try taking his son away from him. Stefano says this is the second threat from him in as many days. EJ says he raised him as a DiMera. He says as you know that makes for him a very dangerous man too.

Sami begs Lucas for a few minutes so she can talk to him before he takes off. She begs him not to go. She tells him she knows he is innocent and they will find a way to get him out of this. Lucas tells Sami what happened that night that EJ was shot and Sami is in shock to find out that he had lied to her all those times she asked him if he had shot EJ. He admits it was him that shot EJ that night. Lucas apologizes for lying to her but he says that night he had to do something to try and stop that wedding. He said he remembered having that gun. Sami asks him if he realizes what he has done. She says he has started a new vendetta and now they are going to come after them again. Lucas says not now. He says he did this because he loves her. He reaches out for her hand but she pulls back telling him not to touch her.

Kate called EJ and found out that EJ helped Sami track them down by using the tracker on her company car. She says she also left the twins with EJ to come there and find them. Sami says that has nothing to do with this. Lucas is just staring at Sami. She tells him not to dare look at her like that because if it weren’t for what he did they could have been home right now being happy. They hear sirens in the back ground and Kate tells Lucas to come on they have to get out of there before it is too late. Sami says ok, his Mom is right and tells him to go on. Lucas says he doesn’t want to lose Sami. Kate says comes on let’s go. As they turn to go, Roman walks up and asks them where are they going. Kate begs for a 10 minute head start but Roman says no can do and they arrest Lucas.

Cloe calls Phillip and tells him someone has been following her and she thinks it is the police. She thinks they will arrest her. He tells her he will recommend a lawyer for her and then says to call him if she is busted and then hangs up. Cloe calls Phillip back and tells him she is at the police station. He tells her not to say a word, he would be right there. When he gets to the station he goes in where Cloe is and tells Roman he is there for Cloe. Roman says they are holding her for questioning for the Vienna Police. Phillip asks Cloe to tell him the truth about what is going on now. She says some men broke into their apartment and gagged Brady and took him away. She says she went all around there looking for him with his picture but no one knew anything until some men came up to her and threatened her that if she didn’t let it go something bad would happen to her. So she came home thinking he would be the one person that would be able to help her with his power.

[Days of Our Lives will not be aired Monday but hopefully will return Tuesday. Happy New Year everyone]

Jan Barrett

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