Belle, Phillip and Marlena try to figure out who the woman and man was that tried to grab Belle and Claire. Belle tells them not to take this too seriously. She says it isn’t as bad as they think. She tells Phillip to stay out of it but he says he wants to hire a bodyguard for her. She says no, end of discussion. Marlena says no not end of discussion. Belle says they haven’t even asked her what she thinks of all of this. She starts telling them she is ok, and she can make her own decisions when Claire wakes up calling for her so she goes to get her.

Marlena tells Phillip she will take care of her daughter and he can leave. He starts saying he can’t do that when Belle walks back in carrying Claire. Marlena tells her to let her take Claire into the kitchen for some animal cookies. When she is gone Belle tells Phillip the last thing her mother needs right now is a hard time from him. She wants him to leave too. He starts to leave and she calls back saying wait. She tells him he has to stop doing this. She says he is always there for her and if he is always around she will never be able to fix things with Shawn. He cons her yet again into thinking he will be there as a friend for her.

When Phillip leaves the phone rings and Marlena asks Belle to answer it for her. There is a woman on the other end that says she is so sorry, telling Marlena that they didn’t mean any harm to her daughter. Belle asks who the hell this is. Belle hands Marlena the phone and she asks who is this. The woman tells Marlena that it is Crystal and she assures her that her daughter is in danger. She asks Marlena to meet her at the Pub in 15 minutes and she will explain it all to her. Belle tries to talk Marlena out of going to meet Crystal but Marlena says this is something she has to do on her own terms. Belle says to at least call Roman but Marlena says if the woman sees anyone else with her it will only scare her off. She tells Belle Roman is sending an officer over there to guard the door and for her to lock the door after she leaves. She says she has her cell phone if she needs her.

Once out in the hall Marlena opens her purse and checks her loaded gun, then places it back into her purse. When Marlena tries starting her car she finds ice all over so while trying to scrape the ice off her phone starts to ring. Before she can get it and answer it, it stops ringing. Before she can get back to the ice on her car she notices someone walking through the gate and she tells them to stop right there or she will shoot them, taking her gun out and aiming it at them.

Stefano is waiting on a call and when his phone rings he answers by asking is it done. He says, For God’s sake, Lucas Robert’s is responsible for shooting his son. He must pay for it now. He then hangs up. He throws a glass into the fireplace in a rage. Rolf comes in and tells Stefano that they need to tend to their houseguest. Stefano says not now. There is this pest in jail that has to be tended to. Stefano talks to his houseguest and tells him to make himself at home. He says that he can see that Dr Rolf is making good progress and looks quite pleased about it.

Roman is with Sami when she tries calling Will to tell him about Lucas being arrested. She is frustrated because every time she tries calling him there is always an excuse for him not to come to the phone. So Roman offers to get Lucas to call him saying he could pull some strings. Then Roman offers to make the call himself to Will, saying that he will talk to him and then he will give her the phone. Once Roman talks to Will he hands Sami the phone.

When he asks for Lucas she tells him that is why she is calling him. She says his Dad is in jail. Will gets upset and says he knew he would get caught, he just knew it. Then he asks Sami to please tell his Dad he loves him. Sami asks him if he knew about this before but the phone goes dead and she starts crying. Sami is furious now knowing that Lucas involved Will in on this making him an accomplice. Roman is defending Lucas and tells her that she needs to make sure she fixes this between the two of them for the twin’s sake. He says he is not taking Lucas’s side in this but he thinks she should remember that Lucas did what he did for her.

EJ tries to get in to see Lucas but they won’t allow him in. He tries telling the guard that Lucas is in danger but the guard won’t listen. Kate comes in and he tells her to please check on Lucas. He tells her he thinks Lucas is in danger. She tells EJ to be sure to tell his Daddy that if anything happens to her family from this he will have her to deal with. The guard goes to get Lucas telling him he has a visitor just as Lucas’s cell mate was trying to get to know him. Lucas is disappointed when he sees the visitor is Kate and not Sami. Lucas is mad at Kate because she is blaming Sami for all of this as usual and he says he wants her to go. He tells the guard to take her off the visitor list. She tells him she will go but she wants him to remember that she is the one person that will always be there for him no matter what. She says she will never ever turn her back on him and then she leaves.

When she goes out the jail room, she sees EJ still there and she tells him Lucas claims nothing has happened in there and he has received no threats. Still not convinced that Lucas is safe EJ hangs around. He happens to notice a stack of mug shots of some criminals. He recognizes the picture of the man on the top of the stack. He asks the guard if this man is there in jail. The guard tells EJ he isn’t going to tell him anything. EJ starts a fight and punches the guard only causing the others to grab him and say now he is being arrested. When they throw him in the same cell as Lucas is, EJ tells the other guy that he knows who he is. The guy says so what, what are you going to do about it pretty boy?

Phillip goes to see Sami and tells her that they need to talk about Lucas. He says he can’t help Lucas unless he will agree to work with them. He says he can’t get him to do anything to help himself. Phillip He gets her so mad that she agrees to go see Lucas right now. She grumbles saying she knows how to handle her ex husband.

Jan Barrett

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