Max, Stephanie, Chelsea and Nick meet for coffee to talk about what Crawford Decker is going to do now that they have cut this deal with him. While they talk Crawford walks in. He tells them he just came from the morgue seeing his son. He says it made him sick. He also wants them to know he now has had a change of heart. He says he is going to have the DA’s office press charges on Chelsea. He tells Chelsea may she rot in hell for what she did.

After Crawford is gone Kate tells Chelsea she knows who can help her. Kate and Billie take Chelsea to Victor and they explain to him what’s going on. She explains to him how Ford tried to rape her. She says he is dead now and explains how he died. Victor says good, he is dead. Kate tells him but his grand daughter is still in trouble. He says no problem for her not to worry. It will be taken care of. Chelsea asks him if he means it just like that. He says just like that. Chelsea asks for one more favor of him. She tells him that Max helped her hide the body. Victor asked her if Max has a criminal record. She says she doesn’t think so. He says well hopefully they won’t give him more than a slap on the wrist but he tells her to keep him informed. There isn’t much he can do to help Max though, unfortunately.

Chelsea goes back to the Pub and tells Stephanie and Max the news that Crawford Decker will no longer be a problem except that there wasn’t much he could do for Max. Meanwhile Victor pays Crawford a visit and tells him he thinks there is a misunderstanding concerning Chelsea Brady.

Sami is walking with Allie as the baby cries. Sami is worried she might be getting the flu. The phone rings and it is Lucas. She is frustrated and tells him if he hadn’t have done what he did he would be there to help her. She says all this does is makes her want to hate him. While she is on the phone EJ comes in. She tells Lucas she can’t talk right now because she has to go and take care of their family and she hangs up. She asks EJ how long had he been standing there eaves dropping. He tells her that isn’t what he was doing. He just wanted to give her the chance to finish her conversation. He reminds her that besides he does live there, at least for now. She asks him what’s that suppose to mean. He says there has been a drastic change in their situation.

Lucas goes to Abe and Roman and confesses to shooting EJ. He tells them he wants no trial, no nothing. He just wants to be given his time. They are reluctant but they take his statement to make it legitimate. He tells Roman later that he can only hope when the judge sentences him that he will be lenient with him. Lucas calls Sami and asks her to go see him and bring Allie.

The gang questions Colleen. Some believe it is really her and some believe it isn’t. She tells them she wanted people to think she jumped off that cliff. She said she had heard that Santos never spoke much after she was supposedly to have died and after that Stefano carried the revenge for her on that since he held her responsible for his father’s broken heart. Bo accuses her of stealing someone else’s identity but she yells back at Bo telling him she is Colleen Brady and it is the name she will carry to her very last breath.  Hope asks her where she went when she faked her death. She said she moved to another part of Ireland so Santos could never find her.

Belle asks her if she ever got married. She says no because Santos was the only love of her life. She sewed clothes for people and that’s how she made money. She says she did what she did to keep Stefano from hurting anyone else and now she hopes they will forgive her for what she done. Bo asks her what she did. She says she took something from them, and that’s why most of them were there. She calls Crystal and has her bring Claire in. John was about to stab Colleen when Marlena goes to him and tells him that is his grand daughter. She has no idea she just stopped him from killing Colleen.

Bo yells at Colleen for having Claire kidnapped. They tell her she had no business sending someone to Salem to get her like she did. She says she did what she did to protect Claire. She says she would protect any Brady if she could. She said she would do the same for the other Brady from Salem, Brady Black. Cloe steps up screaming what she did to Brady. She says she doesn’t have him. She says he disappeared before she could get hold of him. She then turns to Cloe and asks her does she know more about the disappearance of Brady.                                                        

Jan Barrett

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