Shawn approaches Belle and asks her if she is sleeping with Phillip just as they announce Belle and Shawn as the high school sweethearts that made it to the altar. They are called on stage before Belle can answer him. They give them the cake top of the man and woman as an award and Belle tells them that their daughter Claire will love it. The people in the audience ask how old she is. Belle tells them she is two and she is daddy’s little girl She says Claire follows him everywhere. Shawn says except when he tries to get her to eat her vegetables. Phillip looks from the audience in envy.

As they come off the stage they want to take pictures of them. Shawn walks away saying he is going to get some air. Belle starts after him but one of the girls stops her telling her any time she wants to talk to give her a call and hands her a business card. Outside Shawn thinks back when he told Phillip to stay away from Belle. He remembers Phillip warning him that he will always love Belle and that she will always love him and then he remembers the fight they had over Belle.

Cynthia finds him outside and interrupts his thoughts. Shawn tells her he really doesn’t feel good right now. She goes back inside. Belle comes out and tells Shawn it isn’t what he thinks. He asks her what is he suppose to think, she met Phillip in a hotel room the night before their wedding. Shawn tells Belle she has three seconds to tell him the truth. When he starts to walk away she stops him and admits to him that she and Phillip planted that gun for him to find to help him. She says she did it for him. He asks what Phillip got in return for this favor. She says he wanted some time alone with her. He gets raving mad and she swears nothing happened between them, they just talked.

Cloe finds Phillip and starts talking to him. He tells her he is going to leave but before he does Cloe tells him that she told Shawn everything about seeing Belle with him the night before her wedding. He asks her what exactly did she tells Belle and why did she tell her. Phillip is all upset and asks Cloe where Belle is. She says she doesn’t know. He says he has to find her.

Shawn tells Belle that the gun they planted was involved in an attempted murder. She begs Shawn not to tell his Dad about the gun being planted for him to find it. Shawn says he has to. Phillip walks out and tells him if he cares anything about Belle that he will put the phone down. He says if he tells Bo then Belle can be charged with accessory after the fact for her involvement.

Steve calls Lucas and tells him about someone tampering with their car and cutting the brake lines. Lucas asks if he has any idea of who would do that. He tells Lucas he thinks he knows who and says he thinks he does too.

Bo and Hope talk to Steve and Kayla about the car. Bo asks Steve if he saw who did it but he can’t identify them, and Kayla didn’t see them at all. Bo tells Hope to call Billie so he can talk to her about where Lucas was when EJ was shot. Bo actually seems to think the DiMera’s are starting back with the vendetta again. After investigating, Bo finds a gas line around Steve’s car. When he shows it to Steve he says this is too sloppy a job for the DiMera’s. Steve says yeah a DiMera would have hired a professional. They decide that whoever done this wanted to make it look like the DiMera’s did it.

Billie goes to see Lucas and tells him that she got a call that Bo wants to talk to her. She says he wants to ask her about where Lucas was when EJ was shot. She tells him she wants to know what all that is about.

EJ accuses Sami of knowing who shot him and keeping it from him. She swears to him that she has no idea who did it. She reminds EJ that she was standing next to him at the altar when he was shot and that a bullet actually went through the skirt of her dress. So they could have been aiming for her too. She has no reason to hide from him anything if she knew anything to begin with. He tells her she made a choice to marry him and he expects her to live up to that choice with him.

Sami goes to Lucas’s apartment and asks him about the police searching the apartment. She tells him since when was there a gun held in their apartment. She is so against it with children in there. She asks him when her opinion stopped counting. She wants to know why the police would want to see his gun anyway. He tells her because they think he was there at the church the night EJ was shot. Sami starts to say but he was there with the twins that night but then she stops and thinks, but was he? She tells him she wants the truth. She asks him to please tell her he did not try to kill EJ. He says he didn’t, he was there with the twins. She says Thank God. All along EJ is listening from the baby monitor and he says Sami might not know who shot him but he sure bets Lucas knows.

Jan Barrett

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