Max is down at the docks working when Stephanie walks up saying she found him. He says he didn’t know he was lost but then explains why he is working there tonight.  Max asks Stephanie what she is doing there anyway. He thought they would be having a party celebrating Nick getting his grants. She says they have decided to wait til Chelsea gets better before they try celebrating anything. Max’s boss walks up and tells Max he seen him there on his little tea break and orders him to get back to work.

Max tells Stephanie that he doesn’t want her to feel like she is missing out on anything. She tells him it isn’t going to happen. Then he tells her he doesn’t want her to come down to the docks while he is working there anymore. Max says he just doesn’t want to see her hanging out there anymore with him. He explains it to her and they iron things out. She agrees not to go back down there to see him while he is working but she will not give up on them. Her phone rings after he asks if they are going to be ok. It was the hospital telling her that her Mom was admitted into the hospital so she has to go and she kisses him goodbye and leaves.

Nicole asks the butler to bring her the usual drink. Victor stops Henderson saying it won’t be necessary because she won’t be staying. She says yes she is staying then makes herself at home sitting at the table. She comments on Victor’s guests here looking over at Cloe and then asks where Brady is. Kate asks Nicole why she is back and she replies saying she just couldn’t stay away. Nicole reminds Victor when he tries to throw her out that she doesn’t remember ever signing any divorce papers. Victor tells Nicole that he wants to talk to her alone and they leave the room. Cloe tells Phillip that she can never forgive Nicole for what she did to keep her away from Brady. Kate admits she has done a lot of things she isn’t proud of but it was always for her kids or her grandkids. She says unlike Nicole who does things only for herself.

Victor tells Nicole that she must be broke. She says no she isn’t because her husband is a very rich man. He tells her she isn’t getting a penny of his money. He reminds her that she tried to kill him. He says no court in the world would give her his money after that comes out. She says well she talked to a lawyer that says different. They go back in the dining room and Victor tells everyone that Nicole will be staying but only until his lawyers can kick her out. She tells everyone it is nice to see that some things haven’t changed. Victor tells her that she can stay but she can not insult his guests. She says oh but it is ok for them to insult her huh?

Chelsea decides she has had enough and it is time to call it a night. Kate promises her to come get her and take her to see her Dad tomorrow. While they talk in Chelsea’s room, Daniel comes in to check on Chelsea. He told her he would like to check her out at the hospital in a few days just to be sure everything is still ok. She asks him how her Dad is doing. Daniel says he is doing fine now. When he leaves Chelsea sits on her bed with a smile on her face looking quite happy.

Ava starts talking about the fun times she and Patch use to have. Steve says as he recalls it he remembers always trying to stay one step ahead of whoever would be following them Steve tells her he and Kayla have had lots of fun together too. Ava asks him to show her and then tells him to kiss Kayla. Steve puts his arms around Hope whispering for her to follow his lead. When they get closer Ava stops them saying that is enough. Steve asks Ava since she is the one with the plans, what happens next. She says she doesn’t know why he doesn’t tell her. He says he will be happy to. He says she has him now so why don’t she let Kayla (Hope) go.

Steve tells Ava there is no reason to keep Kayla there. As he talks the voices echo in Ava’s head and she screams out to shut up. Hope says she is pregnant and she really shouldn’t be under these conditions. Ava says she has to stop these headaches as she gets out some pills. Ava tells Steve that she wants him to have dinner with her tonight with just the two of them. He says ok but what about Kayla. She gets irritated because he mentioned Kayla and tells Hope that she can’t be around too much stress.

Ava then notices Hope’s stomach says it is really flat. She asks Hope just how far along is she with her baby. Ava insists that she gets Kayla to a doctor to be examined. Hope tells her no she is fine and besides she is big on trust. She says she only trusts her own doctor. Ava asks her if she is sure because she doesn’t want to be blamed if anything happens to her. Ava calls Angelo and tells him to take Hope to another room because she and Patch will be having dinner together tonight in her room.

Jan Barrett

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