Lexi and Abe are in the park with Theo. Lexi is playing in the sandbox trying to teach him how to play with the toys. Abe tells her she really can’t push him. She gets out the sandbox. He tells her they just can’t rush this. She apologizes for being inpatient.

Tony comes downstairs and runs into a man carrying a painting. He asks Stefano what is going on. Stefano says he is going over some renovation changes. Tony asks if he is planning on adding another room. He tells Tony he feels as though he needs a fresh start. Then he looks at Tony and says if only now he could evict the freeloaders. EJ walks in and tells him that is not about to happen as he pulls out legal papers from his jacket.

Trent runs into Marlena at the Pub and invites her to join him for a cocktail but she turns him down saying she has this rule against cocktails before noon and she walks away. She is surprised to see John standing there. Marlena changes her mind and joins Trent.

Nicole comes in and sees John at the bar. She walks up to him and he asks her if she knows that man. She says yes and she tells him who Trent is. She asks what he is doing with Marlena. John says he doesn’t know the man but he thinks he doesn’t like him.

EJ shows Stefano an injunction giving them the right to stay there in the mansion. Stefano says they will both be gone before these renovations are done. EJ tells him he doesn’t think so. Stefano tells him this is only temporary. EJ says but it is a start to protect their legacy. Stefano tells him he rules this family. EJ tells him not anymore, he doesn’t.

Stefano says he would like to talk to them one on one. Tony says if he has anything to say to him he can say it in front of EJ. EJ says the same goes for him. Stefano shows his disappointment saying those two would never be able to carry the DiMera legacy.

Kayla and Steve come to the park with the baby and see Lexi and Abe with Theo. Steve tries playing with Theo. On the side while alone, Lexi tells Kayla she and Abe don’t agree on how to handle Theo and she is blaming herself saying she should be able to handle this because she is a doctor. Kayla tries to reassure her that her feelings are normal with everything she is going through.

When EJ leaves Tony tells Stefano now that they are alone, he wants to know what he wants to talk about. Stefano talks about when he gave Tony his first job saying he saw himself in him and he could trust him with anything. Tony says that was years ago and he has no intention of revisiting that time in his life. Stefano says he has such a weakness. Tony tells him his ideas of weakness are not who he is today.

Nicole tries to get John’s mind off of Marlena with Trent but she can’t get his attention. John isn’t interested and watches Marlena. Nicole tells John if he cares that much for Marlena he should go tell her. She says she knows how it feels to be in love with someone you can’t have. She says not to be stupid and throw it away if he is in love with her. Meanwhile Trent asks Marlena if she supposes that John is jealous.

Tony tells Stefano that underestimating him can lead him to a downfall. Stefano asks if that was some kind of a threat. Tony tells him he can take it like he wants to and he walks out. EJ goes back in and he talks to Stefano. EJ tells him whatever Tony said to him, it goes double for him. Stefano tells him he is so disappointed to. He says of all his children he was the one he thought he could trust. EJ asks if that is why he threw him out. EJ says legacy or no legacy, when he grows up he doesn’t want to be like him. Stefano says well he guesses he knows where he stands. EJ says he guesses he does.

Lexi discusses with Kayla how things are with Theo and she realizes what she is facing and breaks down. Kayla tries to make her see she will handle all this as the days go by. Abe and Steve talk and Steve tells him they will figure a way to come to terms with all of this and learn how to deal with it.

John asks Nicole why is she so eager to get him and Blondie back together. She says that man Marlena is with is bad news. She says that man has a dark side that most people don’t know about but she thinks he needs to drive a wedge between the man and Marlena. Back at the table Marlena figures out that Trent is the Dean at the college and they start talking about their lives and Trent seems to think they might have a lot in common. He asks Marlena if she would like to have dinner with him tomorrow night. Marlena asks if he is asking her out on a date. She tells him she thinks it would be a bit awkward. She says she doesn’t exactly approve of the way he treated Max. He is surprised to hear that she knows about Max. He asks her if she would change her mind and have dinner with him. She tells him she is a married woman.

Abe picks up Theo to leave the park and Theo starts crying saying no, no, no. Lexi gets him a snack out of his purse to calm him down. Theo asks Lexi to join him for dinner saying that he would like to talk to her alone. She tells she has to work.

Stefano brings Tony and EJ both in together and offers them one more chance to stand with him Tony tells him nothing has changed for him. He still feels the same way. Stefano goes into a rage and tells them both that it is over and they won’t have any other chances.

Kayla and Steve are having lunch at the pub and they talk about how bad they feel for Lexi and Abe and what they are going through. Steve says it doesn’t seem like Lexi is handling it too well. Kayla says she will come around.

Lexi picks up the toys from the sandbox and sits down to think. She imagines how nice it would be if Theo was normal playing in the sand. She imagines how it would be hearing him tell her he loves her.

John starts to go sit with Marlena. Nicole encourages him to go talk to her. He walks over and sits down and she tells him she is glad he came over to her. She tells him she has something to tell him. He says he has something he wants to say to her too but lets her go first. She says ok but she isn’t so sure how to say it. She hesitates and then looks at him saying she thinks it is time she files for a divorce. She says she never wanted it to come to this.

Steve tells Kayla that John and Marlena looks pretty tense together. He wonders if they are discussing Stefano.

Stefano looks at the family album when Tony walks in. Stefano tells him that family was always important to him and it is a shame that he doesn’t feel the same way about it. Tony walks out again without saying a word. Stefano throws the family album in the trash.

Nicole runs into EJ outside the pub. He apologizes for how things ended between them. She says Sami is the mother of his children so she can understand why he would want to be with her.

Jan Barrett

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