Max and Stephanie are out of jail but still in France. She is ready to go home but he says he is sorry he can’t do that.

Abe goes to the hospital to see Lexi saying he took the morning off to spend some time with Theo. He didn’t realize that she would be there to but he offers to go because he doesn’t want Theo to feel the tension between the two of them. He says no matter what he says he feels he is being too judgmental of the situation. Lexi is trying to be sympathetic saying she understands why it is so hard for him being around Theo. She thinks that Theo needs to know they are there for him and for each other.

Steve talks to Hope about the Hollingsworth case. He tells her he is helping out on the streets and she thanks him saying she knows he has access to some things that they don’t. She tells him that this investigation is causing her and Bo both to lose a lot of sleep.

Tony is on the phone with Stefano who called to tell him to have his room ready for him to move back in. Tony tells him that is impossible and that coming there would be a big mistake. Bo asks who he is talking to and Stefano tells him he can hear he has others there. John and Marlena walk in and hear Tony on the phone. Bo takes the phone away from him and Stefano tells him that he looks forward to seeing him and his pretty wife again and hangs up.

Phillip pays some guy for some information and when the guy leaves Phillip says out loud, “Gotcha.”

Paul Hollingsworth sees Morgan and lets her know he is there. He tells her he has done a lot of things that he isn’t proud of. She tells him they found his jacket in the river. She hugs him crying. She wants to know where he has been all this time. He tells her with people that it is best that she doesn’t know about. He tells her he isn’t going to run anymore, he is planning on turning himself into the police. When she says she doesn’t understand he tells her he wanted to see her again and that he is so proud of her.

John asks Bo what he is doing there. Bo tells him that he is there to ask him questions about Hollingsworth. He asks John where Paul is. Marlena interrupts looking weak as she sits telling John he just can’t let Stefano come back there. John tells her not to worry, calling her Blondie. He says Stefano has to know if the cops don’t get him, that he will.

Theo comes out of therapy and the therapist says he is making progress and is very proud of him. Abe suggest they go to the park and get some ice cream. He tells Theo they are all so much happier when they are together.

John tells Marlena that he told her he would protect her and he will do just that. Bo tells them that he has notified the police department and they will be on the look out for Stefano. John tells him they better get Stefano because if they don’t then he will and then they can charge him with murder.

John tells EJ to get to work on the paperwork to prove his legal right to the DiMera mansion and money. Just as he tells him that Stefano walks in saying this house is his and it always will be.

Phillip calls Morgan and asks her about her father. Paul takes the phone talks to him. Phillip tells him he is going down and hangs up. Morgan asks him what is going on that he isn’t telling her. A police officer shows up asking if he is Paul Hollingsworth and then Hope walks up and tells him to turn around and put his hands up. Morgan starts crying more asking what is going on.

They bring him to jail and Phillip goes down there to talk to him. Paul tells him that he came back to turn himself in but Phillip doesn’t believe him. Paul tells him he did what he thought he had to do but now for the love of his daughter he is going to do the right thing. He says he does intend to take responsibility for his actions. Hope hears this and tells him she is so glad to hear that and then she asks what Phillip is doing there.

Bo reads Stefano his rights as he places him under arrest. Stefano tells Bo he can tell he is enjoying it. Bo says he does enjoy some parts of his job.  Stefano turns to John and asks if he has been enjoying living in his home. John tells him to get use to his new home, it is furnished and all

Bo brings Stefano into Roman’s office. Steve comes in barreling in for Stefano and Bo and Roman hold him back guaranteeing him that they will slap kidnapping charges on Stefano too but they have to do this by the book.

John asks EJ what are the chances of Stefano taking everything back now that he is back. He tells Tony that he is not running a bed and breakfast there so he wants everybody out of his home except for Blondie.

Lexi and Abe are at the park having a picnic and they talk heart to heart about how hard this is on all of them. Suddenly Theo looks up in the air and Lexi asks him what is he looking at. Theo says boats as he looks up. Lexi realizes he heard a plane and thought of it being a boat. She tells him it isn’t a boat but it is a plane.

Phillip is at the police station looking at Morgan. She tells him if he has got something to say to her to just say it. He tells her he is just waiting. She asks waiting for what. He tells her for an apology. She asks him if he is kidding, an apology for what? She asks Hope if she can see her father but Hope tells her not yet. Morgan starts to leave but Hope tells her that they may need to ask her more questions. Morgan says she has told them all she knows but Hope talks her into waiting.

Tony tells John that he has every right to be there. He says Anna and he are not leaving. EJ tells John that Stefano will probably have a legal claim on his empire. John asks if Stefano remains incarcerated what then. EJ says if that were the case then the entire DiMera fortune is up for grabs.

Roman gets a call from the DA’s office and when he hangs up he tells Bo and Hope they have to let Stefano go. Steve has a fit screaming what about him kidnapping his son. Roman says the only thing they have against Stefano is the imprisonment against John Black but since Stefano is responsible for bringing John back to life the DA has decided not to press any charges on him.

Morgan is sitting waiting when Morgan asks her to at least hear him out. She asks him what now. He tells her he would never ever kill anyone and she has got to believe that. She says all she knows is that she fell in love with him and now she doesn’t know what to believe.

Abe walks in and tells Bo to uncuff Stefano and let him go but Bo refuses. Abe says ok then he will do it himself. Stefano thanks him and says he has so much to do so he leaves but before he shuts the door behind him he tells them all to give his best to their families.

Max apologizes to Stephanie about their fighting about him wanting to stay there. She tells him then go home with her. He says he is going to try to talk Melanie into going back with him to Salem. She tells him she loves him so she won’t leave him there. She tells him she just wishes he wasn’t so damn stubborn.

EJ and Tony try to make John see that he won’t have any choice. Marlena is about to go out the door when Stefano walks in. Stefano walks in and they see that he is out already. Stefano is furious saying he sees how none of them rushed down to the police station to get him out. He orders everyone out of his house. John gets a call from Roman telling him they need him down at the station. John tells him this is not a good time. Roman tells him that they have Paul Hollingsworth at the station so it would be in his best interest to come now. Roman says either that or he can send an officer there to escort him personally. John hangs up screaming “Damn this day!” and then he throws his phone.

Jan Barrett

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