Sami comes out looking for Lucas wearing a sexy outfit which he notices right away. He gets turned on and he asks if she thinks it is too early since they haven’t done anything since the babies were born. She tells him she is ready to rock his world and they start kissing. As they are about to undress someone knocks on the door interrupting them. When Sami goes to the door she finds Stefano and EJ there. She says, EJ, and he says hello darling, your husband is home.

Stefano wants to see his grandson. Sami says he is sleeping but when he wakes up she can bring him over there. Stefano doesn’t want to accept it that way. But EJ tells him to let him handle this, so Stefano steps aside. EJ tells Sami his father has a right to see his grandson. She tells him if she lets that happen what is to stop Stefano from taking the baby and heading straight for the airport. EJ swears he will never let that happen. He says his son will be with him and he will never let anyone take him from him. Where he goes he says his son goes and where they go she will be with them also.

Sami brings the baby out and lets EJ and Stefano take him across the hall to EJ’s apartment. She offers to go with them but EJ tells her no she can just stay there with Lucas. She can’t stand being without the baby so Sami goes to EJ’s apartment. She overhears Stefano talking to the baby telling him about the places he wants to bring him. Sami interrupts by telling him he is not taking her son to Italy or anywhere else for that matter.

When Sami takes the baby away from Stefano she tells him she won’t let her son go. Stefano goes on and on about how they will like living in Italy. She tells him that her son is an American and they are not moving anywhere. Stefano tells her about the luxuries she would have over there. She still refuses and then asks EJ if he has a crib set up in the apartment. He tells her yes in the bedroom. She takes the baby to put him down in the crib. Stefano tells EJ Sami is going to be a problem for them. He says either he can handle her with this or he will take care of her himself.

Max cons Stephanie into staying at the bar late to help him out. As they clean the bar they have a chance to talk some. Max tells her he thinks they make a good team together. When they both are uncomfortable with the conversation Max asks her if she has heard anything from Jeremy lately. She says that’s a name she hasn’t heard in a long time. She says she doesn’t know what she ever seen in that guy anyway. Max put his arms around Stephanie and she pulls back after having a flash back of when Ford raped her. He asked her if she was OK and she said yes. Then he asks her to dance.

Chelsea and the girls make a plan to somehow stop Ford. Chelsea is having trouble getting them to go along with her plan. They are worried that if they mess with Ford they can get into major trouble. They could even get expelled. They are scared to risk it. Meanwhile Ford has picked up yet another date. As the girls talk about it Ford gets his date set up with his date rape drug. Even though she tries to tell him to stop he still rapes her. Then after he threatens her telling her that she better keep this to herself.

Chelsea tells the girls she has a plan. She says his one weakness is a woman, which is what he wants more than anything else. So they need to set him up and slip him the drug instead. Chelsea tells them if they are with her on this then they all have to put a little of the drug into his drink.

Cordy doesn’t want any part of it saying she just can’t do it. Chelsea promises her they are not going to hurt him, they just want to scare him. So Cordy agrees to help them. All the girls make an agreement to stick together and do this.  Chelsea and Morgan try to figure out who the other girl is that Ford said in his journal that he raped.

Jan Barrett

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