Chelsea shows Nick the pictures they had printed out. He thinks they really came out good and clear. As soon as Stephanie arrives at the Pub they all go inside and Chelsea tells Bo what she has against Ford, showing him the pictures. Stephanie blurts out asking her if she is crazy, why would she do that. Bo finally agrees to try and help them with what he can but when they tell him they didn’t get the book there is no solid evidence. The pictures alone are not enough. Stephanie tells them they all are just going to make matters worse if they keep going after Ford like this.

At the Pub Bo tells Shawn that the gun he found just got Kate Roberts arrested. He says this just about guarantees him getting into the Police Academy. Shawn says that is great and he can’t wait to tell Belle about it.

Roman questions Kate about the gun. She says the last time she saw the gun was when she gave it to Phillip. He tells her that her finger prints are all over the gun but she doesn’t believe him since he tried to trick her before but this time he tells her that he is telling her the truth. He tells her to call Phillip and get him over there, because he wants to know how that gun got out on the streets like it was. She grabs the phone and says in a whisper to herself that so does she.

Cloe tells Belle she came into town a little early for their high school reunion. Belle says oh is that coming up. She wants to know why Belle and Shawn are honeymooning at a hotel by the airport. Belle tries to avoid her question by telling her she has to go. Cloe stops her by asking if Shawn is in that room or shall she knock on the door and find out who is really in there.

Cloe tells her that she really came there to see Phillip again. Belle is getting nervous and tries to get away but Cloe keeps talking keeping her there. She suggests her and Belle and Shawn and Phillip all get together one night. Belle tells her it is a long story but Shawn and Phillip aren’t really friends any more. She promises to explain later but she says she really has to go. Cloe asks her if she has Phillip’s number but Belle says no not on her but he is staying at his Dad’s house. Just then Phillip comes out the hotel room, surprised to see Cloe. Cloe says what a coincidence since she was just asking Belle how to get in touch with him.

Phillip gets to the police station and tells Kate to keep her mouth shut. He talked to a lawyer and they will arrange for an early arraignment so they can bail her out as soon as possible. She tells him he should have protected her, she is his mother after all. She warns him that if she goes down she will not go alone, he will go with her. She tells him she thinks this all has something to do with his lust for Belle since it was Shawn that ended up finding the gun. She tells him she sure hopes what Belle gave him in return was worth it. Phillip says nothing to that except as he goes out the door he tells her to keep her mouth shut. Later Kate asks Roman if he could just get the gun out of the evidence room and get rid of it for her but he refuses.

Phillip gets back to his office and calls Cloe. He apologizes for running out on her earlier and wants to know if she wants to get together to catch up with what has happened in her life while she was in Europe. He tells Cloe when she meets him later that even though Shawn is Claire’s biological father he still spends as much time as he can with her which causes tension between him and Shawn. Cloe wants to know what’s going on since she walked in finding Belle leaving his hotel room and then lying to her about it.  She tells him she is divorced now. Phillip wants to know how long she is back for now. She says she is moving back so she will be here for a while. Things seem a lot more interesting on this side of the pond. .

Belle gets home only to find Shawn there dressed up in his policeman’s uniform waiting for her. He tells her he heard she has been stealing hearts and he has orders to body search her. He carries her to the bed and lays her down and then dangles his handcuffs in front of her face. They make love after and Shawn is totally satisfied with his wife. Shawn gives Belle the news about the Police Academy and she tells him she is so proud of him.

Bo and Steve pay Ford a visit in his room. Ford tells them to show him a warrant or he is calling his Dad. Bo tells him they aren’t there on police business. Steve tells him he is there because of what he done to his daughter when he went banging on his door scaring her to death. They said they are there to warn him as fathers that they are onto him. Bo punches him in the stomach, and then threatens him telling him that if he goes near their daughters on or off campus his dear daddy will not recognize his pretty face once they get done with him. Then Steve looks at him telling him if he thinks to report them to the Dean they will show pictures taken of the pills seen in his room and pictures of pages from his journal and then they leave.

Jan Barrett

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