Chelsea and Nick break into Ford’s apartment. Nick sees the web cam and freaks out thinking that Ford could have it on to watch his room. Chelsea checks it and says it is ok that it is off. Nick finds a book that Ford has been keeping and they find all his dates listed in it. Chelsea finds a bottle of strong sleeping pills, like the kind Ford would use to drug his dates. They find that Ford has been using prescription drugs to drug his dates before raping them. While searching more they find several things and take pictures but then they hear Ford in the hallway with a date and they hustle to get out of there before he catches them. They have to hide in the closet so they can hear Ford with the date. She is telling him to stop and to slow down. He says ok but how about a drink and the girl tells him OK. Chelsea whispers to Nick that they have to stop him.

When Ford comes out the bathroom he notices his book sitting on the desk after he finds his window in the room busted. He realizes someone was in the room. He grabs the book and rushes the girl out of the room. Chelsea and Nick hurry up and get out the room through the window. Later Ford sees them and questions them about breaking into his room.

Belle called Phillip and agreed to spend on night alone with him if he would help Shawn’s career. So later at the pub Phillip calls and Belle tells Shawn it is her Mom. He tells her it is done, he has it all set up, and she says thank you. He tells her to thank him by coming over to the hotel tonight. She said bye Mom, I love you too and she hangs up.

Phillip tells Kate that they ran into a problem with her gun. Kate wants to know what problem. He tells her the gun is gone. Phillip tells her when she gave him the gun he had it in his car and before he could get rid of it someone broke into his car and stole it. Kate thinks back when she asked Phillip to get rid of the gun for her. She tells him he told her he would take care of it for her, she expected him to protect her

Meanwhile when Shawn goes outside in the back at the pub to put out the trash he overhears two thugs talking about a gun they have. When one leaves Shawn attacks the guy with the gun telling him to hand it over to him.

Later at an old abandoned cabin Bo and Roman are searching where it appears to be a place that someone was practice shooting. Bo finds the shell casings and he says now all they got to do is find the gun that fired the casings and they will have their weapon. Hope brings Bo the garbage bag she got from Marlena. He says he has to turn this evidence over to the lab. Hope tells him that Marlena knows he will have to turn it in. Bo says the ironic thing is that he promised John he would protect his family and now it looks like he might have to arrest his widow.

Belle calls Phillip and tells him Shawn got the gun. Phillip tells her to meet him at the hotel. When she gets there she tells him she can’t do this. He tells her he only wants to talk. She lets him know that Hope found the voice mail message he left her talking about her being with him the night before her wedding. She says that’s not the worst part, Hope also told Marlena.

Phillip tells Belle maybe she should leave, he has put her in an awkward position and he shouldn’t have. He tells her he did not do that for Shawn just to get her in bed. She is offended that he wants her to leave now. She tells him he is rich and handsome and he could have any girl he wants. He starts telling her things that is making her feel sorry for him letting her guard down with him. He says she really should go but she insists on talking. They start kissing and suddenly Phillip stops. She asks what’s wrong. He tells her she is married and she says yes but she still loves him too. He tells her it doesn’t make a difference now. He says doing this will only hurt someone and he won’t let it be her. He hands her, her jacket and opens the door for her to leave.

When she goes out the door she stands there crying. She starts to leave when the elevator door opens and Cloe is standing there surprised to see Belle standing there. She tells Belle she wants to hear all about the wedding and then asks if Shawn is there too because she would love to see him and say hi too.

Kate is in Phillip’s office when Roman comes in with a few police officers with a warrant for her arrest. He tells her they found her gun and it has been proven to be one shot at the church during the wedding. He warns her not to say anything that could hurt her case that he will help her in any way he can.

Jan Barrett

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