Daniel tells Chelsea what happened to him is history which is what it is with her. She doesn’t want to accept this. Chelsea tells him she is well now and she isn’t going to get sick again. She says if she does then he will just have to take care of her. He says no he can’t do that. She says it is sad that he is afraid of making the same mistakes. He says he won’t make the same mistake again. He tells Chelsea that he is not going to change but she says he could if he wanted to and finally find the happiness he deserves. Daniel argues with her and then says he is talking in circles here. He holds his head and says he has to get out of here. He tells Chelsea there is nothing she can do or say…but she interrupts his sentence by kissing him and Daniel responds to her kisses.

Phillip opens a package that contains the CD stolen from John’s house. He thinks back to his conversation with John about Paul Hollingsworth. When he puts the disc into his computer he finds it is all messed up and then realizes it must be encrypted so he calls the computer division but is interrupted by Cloe. She asks him if this is a bad time. He says he thought she was in Switzerland and wants to know what happened. She says Brady still blames her for his drug addition and there is nothing left between the two of them and Brady wants a divorce now.

Cloe blames Victor for her marriage falling apart. Phillip doesn’t think she can blame him. Cloe says one reason she came back was to get even with Victor. Phillip thinks she thought that the best way to get to Victor would be to get to his son this time instead of his grandson. She tells him to get over himself. She says he is so conceited and asks if he really thinks she came all that way back there just to get him in bed with her. She says she came back because she needed a friend. He says he can be her friend but that is all. She says good because that is all she wants.

Sami is shocked at her own self that she kissed EJ. She has EJ surprised to. She backs up and asks what is wrong with her. EJ asks her why she just kissed him like that. She is so upset she runs inside the Pub. EJ thanks Nicole for helping him with Sami. Nicole tells him she didn’t do that on purpose. She says she was upset about her dog. She had no idea Sami was going to walk up to them and see him holding her like that. He asks how she thought Sami acted. She says she acted like a crazy lunatic that was jealous. This makes EJ happy. Nicole tells him if that is truly how he feels about this then he needs help.

Nicole tells EJ he is making a huge mistake by falling in love with Sami. She says she is no good. EJ thinks Nicole doesn’t want Sami to be happy in love with someone simply because she herself has no one to love her like she loves Pookie. He thinks that is why she is so close to Pookie.

Sami tells Caroline she needs to talk to Lucas. She calls the prison and asks to speak to him telling them it is an emergency. They come back on the phone and tell her that he doesn’t want to speak to her. She asks if they told him it was an emergency and they say yes but he still didn’t want to talk to her. She hangs up and cries telling Caroline she has got to find a way to get Lucas to talk to her.

Sami goes home and thanks Rolf for helping her get the twins to bed tonight. He throws himself into a chair and asks her if she goes through this every night. She says when Maggie said they didn’t have a nap she knew there was going to be a problem with them tonight. She says she couldn’t have gotten through it without his help. She tells him he is not at all like she thought he was, she thinks he misjudged him. He asks her how so. She says when he worked for Stefano he did pretty much what he was told to do. He says working for Stefano there is nothing else to do.

She says he was pretty good with the kids. He says perhaps it is because he has had experience with another set of twins. She asks him what he thinks of EJ. He tells her he thinks he is finally becoming a good person. He asks her what she thinks of him. She says she thinks he is trying. When Rolf says he is going to bed Sami asks him if he knows where her Mom and John are tonight. He says he has no idea. She says one more thing. She asks him if he thinks her Mom and John will ever get back together He tells her he thinks the chance of that is about as good as the chance for her and EJ to be happy together and then he walks out the room. Just as he goes out, EJ walks in. She asks him how long he had been standing there, he says he wasn’t, he just walked in.

Jan Barrett

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