John and Marlena look for the disc that is missing when Sami walks in asking what is going on. Marlena tells her the disc is missing. She says it was right there on the desk before. John says well it is gone now. She asks if anything else is missing. John says he doesn’t know he hasn’t had a chance to look around yet. Sami says that doesn’t make much sense since the room is filled with a lot of expensive things.

John tells Marlena and Sami that he doesn’t think Rolf stole the disc. John called the security company and ordered them to come out and reinstall the security system there since he was apparently robbed and the security didn’t prevent it. He tells Marlena she can bet the investigator will find out who done this.

Marlena goes to talk to Roman. She tells him she is there to report a break-in. She explains what happened at John’s with the disc. Roman tells her that technically since she isn’t the actual victim she can’t turn in a report. She tells him how important this is to her. He wants to know what was on that disc. He finally agrees to investigate it off the record for her.

Abe tells Bo he is taking him off the Vitali case. Bo isn’t happy about it but Hope walks in and asks them to let her take the case. Bo thinks if they won’t let him on it they shouldn’t let Hope but Roman says she is as good as they come, she could handle it. Abe agrees to assign Hope to the doctor’s murder case.

Nicole interrupts Victor and Chelsea at the Pub calling him a monster. She starts rambling on about how she got out the shower and found her dog Pookie on the floor over her pink slipper. She says the vet says she was poisoned and she blames Victor. He says she probably got hold of some of Nicole’s Vodka that she has stashed. Nicole is so upset she tells everyone in the Pub that Victor tried to kill her dog. Then the vet calls her and she tells Victor he better hope they say Pookie is going to be fine.

When Nicole is gone, Chelsea talks to Victor about Daniel. She asks since Daniel is his godson could he possibly talk him into staying in town. Victor knows something about Daniel but doesn’t feel it is his place to tell Chelsea. She says she can’t believe she is telling him this but she feels like she is falling in love with Daniel. Victor tells her that a patient of Daniel’s had cancer and the more time he spent with her the more he fell in love with her. Daniel called him and told him he was going to marry her and even though he tried to stop him Daniel insisted. That night the woman took a turn for the worst and caught Daniel by surprised.

Nicole runs out of the Pub right into EJ. He apologizes and then he sees she is so upset. She tells him about Pookie. She says she is in the hospital in Intensive Care and she can’t visit her. EJ asks what happened to her. She says Victor poisoned her. She asks EJ if he wants to see pictures. She takes out a photo album and shares the pictures. EJ sympathizes with her.

EJ is comforting Nicole when Sami walks up and sees them together. She asks if this how he is with all his clients and then says he should get paid more if it is. They explain about her dog but Sami has no sympathy for her. Nicole says she loves that dog and Pookie loves her unconditionally, which is more than just about everything else. Sami accuses Nicole of using her poor dog to get EJ’s sympathy and to get him in her bed. She says she refuses to let her get away with it. She grabs EJ and plants a huge kiss on him in front of Nicole.

Lexi goes to see Daniel at the club while he is working out. She wants the truth about why he is leaving town. Lexi pushes Daniel into talking about his problem. He says he was involved with another of his patients once. When Lexi insists on knowing what he means he tells her that the woman wasn’t just one of his patients, she was his wife. The night she died he didn’t know what else to do so he wrapped her up and took her to the one place she loved and that was to the beach. He gives Lexi the rest of his details.

Afterwards he goes into the steam room to try to relax but all he can do is think about Chelsea. Chelsea goes to the club and they tell her that Daniel is in the steam room. She says thanks and heads off to look for him there. When she finds him he is just sitting there. When he sees her he asks what he is doing there. She tells him she needs to talk to him and then she tells him she knows all about his wife.

Jan Barrett

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