Daniel pulls away from Chelsea telling her he can’t do this. She asks him if she is right when she says he is staying in Salem because of her. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her and then walks away from her but Chelsea catches him and they kiss again. He pulls away again and says he just can’t do this, she has a boyfriend. She says not anymore, she knew it wasn’t right for her with Nick. They kiss again, and he says he can’t do this. Chelsea comes out and asks him if he is married. He denies being married. She starts telling Daniel all the things she has done in her life that she regrets. She tells him the story about what happened with Zach. Daniel tells her he already knows about that. He tells her that one day she will find someone. She tells him she cares about him and wants to get to know him better. He says no she can’t and stands up saying he has to go.

Marlena comes into the room only to see her portrait hanging on the wall in the place of Stefano’s. She looks surprised as John asks her if she likes it. She says she doesn’t know what to think but she says it is so big and it embarrasses her. She asks him if he can take it down please. He says no. He says it helps him remind him of their shady past. She wants to know how he knows anything about their past. He says that is confidential but Sami walks in and tells him thank you for keeping her confidence but it is ok. She confesses to Marlena that she is the one that told him everything. Marlena says she shouldn’t have told him anything. Sami says she just told him a few things. John says it isn’t Sami’s fault. He says he went to her asking questions because he knew she could be objective in her answers and tell him the truth. Marlena tells him she wishes he hadn’t had.

Later John kisses Marlena and he tells her she still has it. She gets choked up and decides to change the subject. She asks him what brought on that little trip down memory lane with him and Sami. He says it started when they looked at that disc. She asks if she can see it after he says it was some sort of encrypted code on it. He says sure and when he starts looking for it he can’t find it and says it is gone.

Sami comes downstairs just as EJ comes in quietly. She asks where he has been this early in the morning. He says he had an early morning meeting with a client. She accuses him of being with Nicole. EJ just turns away and smiles. Later when Nicole comes in EJ receives a Fax and Sami grabs it and refuses to give it to EJ until he tells her what he has going on with this skinny bitch (speaking about Nicole). Marlena tells her not to say that but Sami lashes out at EJ asking him if he is having sex with Nicole or what.

Nicole plays on Sami’s words pretending that she and EJ are having an affair. EJ tells her to stop winding Sami up. Nicole asks Sami if she was having an affair why she would meet with him there. EJ gets the fax paper back and when he reads it he sees that his visa application has been approved. Sami accuses Nicole of being involved with something with EJ concerning this fax.

Nicole finally leaves after she has Sami all riled up. When she is gone she sees EJ smiling and he accuses her of being jealous of Nicole. She denies it and then she says she can now get that annulment that she has been waiting on.

Nicole walks into Abe’s office interrupting him and Roman while they are talking with Ava. When Roman gets rid of Nicole Abe tells Ava she can go because her bail has been set. She asks where she is supposed to go. Roman tells her that isn’t their problem. The phone rings and it is someone telling Abe that Bo has gone ballistic on Martino at the Pub. Ava hears this and runs out the office with Abe and Roman right behind her.

Bo punches Martino and they start fighting. Bo grabs him and tells him that he is going to pay for the death of his Pop. Martino’s goons come in but he stops them from going after Bo. He says it is ok. Bo makes Martino turn around and places him under arrest. As he starts to handcuff him Ava walked in and asks what is going on. Bo tells her that her father is going to jail and there is nothing she can do about it. She says she might have to disagree with him there.

Before Bo finishes Roman and Abe walk in and Roman tells Bo to stop. He tells Max to put his gun away. Abe tells Bo they don’t have any charges on Martino yet. Bo says he is not going to let that creep go free. Bo whispers to Martino that even if he has to give up his badge, he will get him for all of this.

Ava tells Martino that she needs some time away from him. She tells him that this is the freest she has felt in a very long time and then she left the pub. Kate walks up to Martino and asks him if that was sincere feelings for his daughter or was it a show. He says he loves his daughter very much.

Bo, Abe and Roman are all back at the police station and they all agree that Vitali is going to work overtime trying to cover his tracks on this one. They are just going to have to keep an eye on him and wait for him to make that one wrong move. Ava walks in and tells him she needs to find out if her father was behind what her doctor done to her but she will need their help, and in turn she will help them get what they want.

Chelsea decides to get out the house so she goes to the Pub. Stephanie and Max and Nick are there. She asks Nick if she can talk to him for a minute. Stephanie and Max are worried about what Chelsea wants to talk to Nick about. Max thinks Nick is going to get hurt but Stephanie thinks Chelsea is going to get hurt here too.

Jan Barrett

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