Kate is with Martino Vitali when Vitali’s goon shows Daniel to the table where he is. Daniel isn’t too happy since someone called him causing him to miss his flight out. He assumed it was a colleague but as he can see Martino Vitali is no doctor. Martino tells Daniel that he wants to talk to him about his daughter. He explains to him about her case and asks if he would look at her for him.

Daniel says he is sorry but he can’t give his daughter a thorough evaluation. He says from the way he explains it, his daughter needs a psychiatrist not him. Martino says he wishes he would change his mind and offers to make it well worth his while. Daniel says no thanks, he doesn’t want his money and then he leaves. Kate goes after him asking him to change his mind and help Martino, and if he doesn’t want to do it himself at least refer him to a good psychiatrist. Daniel says hell no because he doesn’t trust that guy.

Lexi tells Roman and Abe that the medication that was in Ava’s system to make her like she was is completely out of her system now and in her opinion she is mentally capable of facing her charges.

Bo finds Chelsea sleeping on the sofa. He tells her she needs to go upstairs to bed and get some rest. She tells him that is all she has done since she has been out the hospital and she is going crazy being inside all the time. He asks her if anyone has ever told her that she talks in her sleep. She says yes actually Nick, but then she quickly changes it to her sorority sisters. She asks why, what did she say in her sleep. He says she was mumbling something and then he asks her what she was dreaming. She says honestly she doesn’t remember.

Chelsea asks Bo why he is so dressed up like he is going to work. He says because he is going to go in today. She tells him he can’t because she is under strict orders to keep an eye on him today and make sure he gets rest. Morgan comes over with coffee for Chelsea which gives Bo the chance to run out. When he starts to leave Chelsea tries to stop him. She asks him if he wants her to get into trouble with Hope. He just whispers good luck with that and leaves the house. Chelsea worries about Bo because he still blames himself for her fertility problems.

Max took Nick’s proposal on his project and completely redone it and asked Stephanie if she would mail it for him. Before she can leave the Pub Nick comes in and Stephanie tells him she has to go to work. When she leaves Nick asks Max if he has seen his portfolio with his notes in it. He says he thought he had left it the

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