Sami finally gets the twins to sleep but now she can’t sleep so she goes downstairs and finds John sitting looking at a chess game. While talking Sami tells him she doesn’t know what she will do if EJ gets sent out of the country? John tells her well she could always go with him. She says all her family is here, she doesn’t want to leave.

Sami asks John if he has looked at the disc he found in the safe. He tells her no. She tells him she thinks he should look at it. He tells her for now he is more interested in talking to her. She is surprised and asks him why. He says she can be objected. He wants to ask her about her mother and her relationship with him. He wants to know why her mother fell in love with him. Sami says that is easy and starts telling him things from his and Marlena’s past. She tells him that he destroyed the love between her Mom and Dad. She says her Dad was so hurt that he had to leave town for a while.

Sami tells John she doesn’t hate him for breaking her parents up any more, but she tells him how things came up and he was in and out of her and Marlena’s lives that hurt them both. She talks him into looking to see what is on the disc. They find it must be encrypted or something, so Sami suggests that maybe someone at the police station can help him. She tells him he use to have a lot of friends there. Sami tells him about things in his life and he gets furious and says this is unacceptable with him being used by Stefano and Victor Kiriakis.

She tells him about how good a father he was to Belle. She says even before he knew he was the father. John asks what she means. She says she has done some really bad things to him that hurt him. He asks her if she wants to tell him now. She says she sneaked into the hospital lab where the paternity tests had been done to find out what the results were before someone else saw them. When she saw the results weren’t what she wanted she changed them and then her Mom had to tell him that the baby wasn’t his. She says then she done something even worse by sneaking into her sister’s room and she kidnapped her. She had planned to give her away for adoption. She said her mother was really upset with her for what she did. John loves hearing all this news but Sami asks him not to tell her Mom she told him all of this. He says it is too good not to, he says ok he won’t reveal his sources. She thanks him but he says he admires her for how she handled it with Belle. She says she should have been sent to juvenile detention.

Sami tells John she has to ask him one more thing tonight. He wants to know what that is. She asks him if he is in love with her mother. He says he doesn’t even know what that word means. She says she has seen how he looks at her mother so now she wants to know if he is in love with her. All John does is say, good night. She says “What?” He says he is going to bed. He gets up and goes upstairs. Sami whispers to herself, well it looks like she just hit a nerve. She hears one of the babies’s crying so she goes upstairs. When no one else is around someone dressed in black and with a mask on comes in and rumbles through John’s papers til they find the disc.

EJ tells Nicole that he paid her for talking to the Immigration department so he hopes she gave them a more convincing speech than she gave to Sami after. He says he only paid her to talk to the man. She says well the part with Sami after was a bonus. She tells him if he wasn’t so much in love with Sami she would go after him herself. He tells her that he is in love with Sami. He tells her in the eyes of Sami it is important that she never see him as a bad guy. Nicole asks him if he really expects to make Sami fall in love with him and he says yes. She asks him if he cares to share his plans on how to go about doing that. She says she wishes him all the luck in the world. He tells her he doesn’t need luck to get Sami to fall in love with him, it will happen.

Nicole starts talking about her divorce from Victor. She says she has plans of her own to get him back. EJ seems to be worried about what she is going to tell him. She tells him not to worry she isn’t going to kill him or anything like that, she says she has something even better on her mind to do. She is going to get him back by going after his son Phillip and she will win.

Jan Barrett

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