Lucas is playing with Allie when Sami walks in and tells him Johnny may be teething and she needs his blanket. When Lucas asks if there is anything he can do to help she says usually only EJ can calm Johnny down. Lucas says Johnny should be able to do without EJ for one night. Sami tries to call EJ but can’t get in touch with him. Sami tells him that EJ spoils Johnny and he has a specific song that he usually sings for the baby to calm him down. Lucas asks what song it is and volunteers to sing it for him. Lucas surprises Sami when his singing seems to have calmed Johnny down.

An officer comes in with a file and gives it to Roman saying he thinks he should see this. Abe and Roman look at it. Abe hands it to John and tells him to look at it. He asks what it is. Roman tells him it is a real good reason for him to plead guilty at his arraignment. Abe and Roman continue drilling John for answers. Abe thinks John was depending on Paul to let the crates go through at the docks but Paul wasn’t there. John insists that someone tampered with the manifest and says if he was the old John they wouldn’t even be questioning this. He asks Abe in all the time that he has known him has he ever lied to him. Then he still maintains that Phillip is behind this. John tells Roman and Abe this inquisition is done. Abe tells him he is due in court for his arraignment. Roman tells an officer to take John to night court for his arraignment.. When John is gone Abe asks Roman if he believes John. Roman tells him no. Abe says neither does he. After the arraignment John says he plead not guilty because he isn’t guilty. Abe tells him he is free to go because Marlena posted his bail.

Cloe tells Phillip she wonders what Nicole is doing with EJ and she hopes she doesn’t get her claws into him. Phillip’s mind trails off to Morgan and when Cloe asks him what he is thinking about he just tells her she doesn’t want to know. Cloe starts to go back to her room when Phillip stops her. They both agree that they are in this for the sex and lust and not for commitment. They end up in bed making love.

Later she thinks Victor will have a fit when he finds out about them. Phillip tells her he can handle his father so she shouldn’t worry. She says sex without strings means not spending the night together so she gets up out of bed to return to her room. When she grabs her robe the disc on the desk falls to the floor. Phillip tells her that is ok, to just leave it. She asks what is on the disc but he won’t tell her. She acts weird because he won’t tell her so she sort of pouts with him. He tells her it is just business. He asks her if she is hungry and she says no. He says he is and he is going to go get something to eat. When she leaves the room Phillip just looks thinking of the disc.

Stephanie calls Morgan and lies to her about how come she and Max left the party early. Max says he didn’t feel comfortable so that’s why he left. She says it was more like he bolted out of there. Max confesses his love for Stephanie telling her all he wants to do is make her happy. She tells him she will always be there for him so whenever he is ready to talk to her she will be there ready to listen.

EJ and Nicole start shooting shots with the salt, lime and then a kiss. They are both getting drunk and he starts telling her about a secret he has. He tells Nicole he found out that he and Sami are still married and the annulment is void. He says it is because they did sleep together. He thinks Sami will be happy when she hears about this. Then he leans over and tells Nicole that actually the annulment is valid but he has no plans on telling Sami and he makes Nicole swear not to tell his secret.

Nicole tells EJ that if it doesn’t work out with Sami there are other women out there for him that could make him happy. He says he and Sami are meant to be together. She asks him doesn’t he think that Lucas might feel the same way too. EJ says he doesn’t think Lucas loves him. She says she meant about Sami. EJ says Lucas is a boy , he doesn’t know how to look after a woman. He says Lucas put a bullet in his back like a coward.

Meanwhile Maggie calls Sami and tells him EJ is there getting drunk with Nicole. Sami tells her EJ is not her husband anymore so why should she care what he does. After she hangs up the thought of EJ being with Nicole is unbearable so Sami takes off to Chez Rouge. When she gets there she tells EJ to come home with her. He tells her he is a single man now so he can do what he wants. Nicole accuses Sami of only worrying about him because he is there with her. Sami talks EJ into going home with her. When they leave Nicole whispers Sami, then she says “Who is going to pay for all this now?” 

John goes home and says “Hey Kids, Daddy’s home”. Lucas is there and says hi to him. John asks if Marlena is home. Lucas says she isn’t and he doesn’t even know where Sami is right now.

Sami goes home with EJ and Lucas is upset. EJ tells Lucas that Sami rescued him from Nicole because she was jealous that he was with Nicole. Sami says she is not jealous. Lucas says this isn’t the first time she has acted jealous. John comes downstairs looking in shock. Sami is happy to see him out of jail and she asks if her Mom knows. John says he found a note in his room. He says it is from Marlena. He says she is gone, she left him.

Morgan runs into her father at Chez Rouge and he tells her he is there to celebrate. He says the grand jury is scheduled to render their decision tomorrow and he thinks they will say they have nothing on him to charge him with. He tells Morgan he had nothing to do with the drug bust at the docks so it shouldn’t effect the grand jury’s decision at all. She tells her father that she heard rumors about the drug bust so he wants to know what kind of rumors.

Bo and Hope are dancing when Bo notices Paul there with Morgan. They decide to walk over to their table to have a little chat with him. Paul’s phone rings interrupting them and it is Phillip calling. Phillip tells Paul he is sure that he knows why he is calling. Paul says he has a pretty good idea why. Paul tells him he can’t talk right now and he will call him later, and then tells everyone that it was an old friend calling. Bo asks him about John’s shipment. Paul tells him he will look into it as soon as he is reinstated. He is that sure that he will be reinstated. When Bo and Hope walk off they both wonder if Paul knows more than he is letting on. Hope says poor Morgan.

Jan Barrett

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