Hope is surprised that Bo knows about Chelsea breaking up with Nick but he is wondering why she broke up with him. He asks Hope if she knows why and she says no she doesn’t but then again she didn’t ask.

Marlena thinks back to what Roman told her. The door bell rings and when she answers it she asks, “What are you doing here?”  It is Ava standing there and she says she came to see her. She asks Marlena if EJ told her about her and Marlena says no. Ava asks Marlena for help, telling her, “EJ said that you’re a really great psychiatrist, and I could use someone to talk to.” She asks Marlena to please listen because she has no one else to talk to. Marlena tells her to come in but she says she may not be the right one for her to talk to but when Ava apologizes she starts to leave but Marlena says she took an oath so she can try even though she may not be able to.

Ava tells her she was being drugged when she did all those horrible things. She tells her how Kayla saved her life. Marlena says she finds it hard to believe that a doctor would drug her like that. Ava says EJ said she can trust her and Marlena says she can. Marlena tells her that in order for her to get over these guilt feelings she has to accept what she did and she suggests counseling. She tells Ava she knew of her father and that’s why she believes what she is saying. Ava says her father took away so many years of her life and she doesn’t know how to get them back. Ava says she doesn’t know who she is or what she wants anymore, and that truly scares her. Ava tells Marlena that EJ was right about her and after they talk she thanks Marlena for listening to her telling her it really helped her.

Hope tells Roman and Kate about Kayla going into early labor and how the baby is in ICU. Anna and Tony come in and Anna shows off her ring that Tony gave her when they got married. Bo, Hope, Kate, and Roman talk to Anna and Tony asking all about their honeymoon. Anna asks about Bo after his surgery and then she asks about Chelsea. After they all sit and talk Tony asks Anna to dance. Bo reluctantly asks Hope to dance and then Roman dances with Kate.

On the dance floor Bo asks Kate and Roman how long does he give them, meaning how long do they think Tony and Anna will stay married. Kate says she gives them two weeks. Anna asks Tony if he slept with Kate before they were married but Tony tells her she is being ridiculous. Kate brings up the subject about Lucas being under house arrest living at John’s house. Roman tells her he is glad she brought that up. He tells her he wants her to stay out of Sami and Lucas’s personal life.

Stephanie asks Max how come he ran out of the party at Chez Rouge just as they were about to make a toast to Nick. She thinks he left because he was jealous of Nick but Max says he absolutely didn’t and he says he isn’t jealous. She tells Max that she didn’t know he knew anything about Nick’s work. He says he doesn’t. She asks then how did he make all those changes. He says it was blind luck. She says she thinks this could be a whole different side to him and she doesn’t know anything about it. He tells her she knows everything there is to know about him.

While Stephanie and Max are talking Ava walks into the Pub. Stephanie loses it with her telling her she is not welcome there. She tells Ava to get out but Ava tells her to please tell her parents that she is thinking about them. Stephanie tells her again to just go. When she leaves Max tells Stephanie she was a little harsh on her. Stephanie says yes she was and she is going to be the same way with him if he doesn’t start telling her the truth. He says he doesn’t want to argue with her. She says then be honest.

John is locked in a room and he keeps pacing the floor as his thoughts keep haunting him. He can’t stand being locked up like this. He told Abe to do his job and catch the bad guy. When Marlena goes to see John he asks her if she thinks he is guilty. She asks him if he brought those drugs to Salem. He says no he didn’t. She asks him if he still thinks Phillip did it to set him up. She says she has known Phillip his whole life and she finds that so hard to believe. Marlena tells John he has changed so she is having a hard time figuring out if this new him is capable of trafficking drugs. When Marlena has to leave John tells her thank you and then grabs her hands. She tells him she loves him and then gets up and leaves the jail.

Jan Barrett

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