Steve stops Kayla from going back to the hospital. He tells her the baby needs his rest just like she does. She says she can’t rest until the baby can come home. Kayla asks him if he thinks the baby can sense that he is there alone in the hospital. He says he knows they are thinking of him. Steve goes out the room for a minute and Kayla grabs her purse and leaves.

When Steve comes out the room he runs after her and catches her and brings her back to the apartment. Steve brings in a baby swing to put together so they can get their minds off of the baby for a little while. The instructions are in Swedish and Kayla can’t read it so Steve says he can put it together on his own but when they try it, the swing falls. Steve apologizes saying he thought it would make her feel better if they did this. She says it is all for Joe but what if he doesn’t make it. He offers to put it all in storage but he thinks their son will be ok.

Maggie puts together a little get together at the Chez Rouge to celebrate Nick getting his grant. Daniel is there to help celebrate and when he sees Chelsea walk in he gets a smile on his face looking like he is happy to see her. She tells him hi. He says he is there for a boy’s night out. He tells her that she should be proud of Nick and his work.

Nicole convinces EJ to leave the Pub simply because she can’t stomach seeing Phillip and Cloe together. She tells EJ that Cloe and Phillip have slept together. EJ says so what, she is divorced now so she can do what she wants. Nicole says she was just getting Phillip’s heart warmed when Cloe messed it up. EJ tells her to play harder. He knows she can do it.

They start talking about Sami and EJ’s marriage. Nicole says, “If Sami signs the annulment papers, then its over.” EJ confesses to Nicole that Sami has signed their annulment papers already. He tells her he signed them and Samantha is probably mailing them off to the judge as they speak. Nicole doesn’t understand how he can still think Sami will be back with him even with all this going on. Nicole says she knows of a way he can make Sami jealous. She suggests he should let Sami walk in and catch him in bed with someone else. He says he is flattered. She says at first that she didn’t mean her but then she says it should be someone he wouldn’t mind being in bed with though. EJ starts kissing Nicole and she is enjoying it a lot. He whispers to her that the two of them getting together is never going to happen.

Nick thanks Stephanie for coming to his party but he asks where Max is. She tells him she doesn’t know. Nick says he should be there since he was responsible for him getting his grant. Stephanie thinks back to when Max told her he found Nick’s mistakes and he corrected them and then sent them off. She tells Nick that whatever Max did with his papers it was only to help him out. Nick says he knows that but it is the fact that he did it behind his back that bothers him.

Lexi is at the party and she hints to Hope that her marriage may be in trouble. Lexi starts telling her how she wants Theo to be tested but Abe thinks he is going to be fine as he is. They are interrupted when Maggie introduces the Dean of the University. He gives Nick a check that goes along with his grant. Nick confesses to the Dean that his work wasn’t only his. He says he had help with it but no one is interested in who helped him.

Later Max comes in and Stephanie tells him she is glad he is there and asks him where he has been. When he sees the Dean there he freezes and doesn’t answer Stephanie when she asks him what is wrong. Maggie sees Max there and offers him some champagne but he says no thanks he can’t stay and then he leaves with no explanation.

Daniel is drinking with his friends when they notice Chelsea and one decides he is going to go talk to her. The other guy says the brunette is Daniel’s patient. The man says well at least she has all the other working parts and he heads over to Chelsea and says hi to her. When Chelsea sort of blows him off he returns where Daniel is and he tells them he doesn’t know what he did wrong. He says he seen her keep looking over there at them. Then they think maybe she keeps looking at Daniel. The guys catch Chelsea looking at Daniel again and point it out that they saw that. Daniel brushes it off by saying she was looking at him just because she knows him.

Jan Barrett

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