Morgan is nervous about taking her exams as the film crew walks in filming her. She asks if they really have to do this today. They tell her that they had instructions to film it all. She says great she gets to have her humiliation on film. They ask where Stephanie is and Morgan says she doesn’t know but she should be there by now. Max tells her that her Mom is supposed to be going home from the hospital.

Stephanie and Steve are at the hospital to take Kayla home. Steve arranges for the three of them to go in and see the baby up close. They are in the nursery looking at the baby in his incubator and Kayla says she just can’t leave him there. She talks to the baby and tells him he has to get better and that there are a lot of people praying for him.

When they leave the hospital Steve blindfolds Kayla so he can give her a surprise. When they get to their door he says he forgot to check to see if the new shower worked. When they go inside she asks what he said. She takes off the blindfold and Steve tells her “Welcome to your new apartment sweetness” Stephanie and Steve show Kayla around the apartment and she says she actually has a kitchen now where she can cook. Later when Stephanie leaves Steve asks her if she really likes the apartment. Steve wants to know what she wants to eat. She says she just wants to go back to the hospital to see the baby.

EJ goes home and asks Marlena if Samantha is around. She tells him she is upstairs with Lucas and the twins and she would really rather he not disturb them. She says she would like them to have some time alone. He says well he would just like to see his son. Marlena tells him that she thinks he was quite pleased that Lucas walked in on him and Sami in bed together. EJ reminds her that he and Sami are still married so why would that be so surprising.

Phillip and Cloe are in bed making love when suddenly Nicole barges in telling Phillip that they really need to talk. When she sees them in bed together she tells them this really isn’t cool. Phillip tells Nicole to leave but she says as his step Mother she has her duty to protect him. Cloe jumps up out of bed and Nicole remarks about how she looks. Then she asks her to please put clothes on. Nicole says since Victor is out of town she is in charge and she wants Cloe out. Cloe and Nicole start to fight again when Phillip jumps up and throws Nicole out of his room.

Cloe admits to Phillip she kind of liked having him defending her. He asks her why she even has to leave. He says she has very little money and no where to go. She says all the more reason to get her life together. He asks if she is going to make him beg her to stay and then gets on his knees and begs her to stay. She says ok, he talked her into it and they lay back on the bed kissing each other.

Nicole goes to The Brady Pub and meets Ava. She tells her they could become good friends. Nicole orders drinks for them and then tells her they should go out together. Ava says they don’t even know each other. She asks Nicole if it bothers her about all that is said about her in the papers about the things she has done. Nicole says she should see what she does when she is PMS’ing and then tells her to pay for the drinks and this could become a great new friendship.

They start talking and Ava ends up telling her about how her father was getting her doctor to drug her so she couldn’t remember things in her life. Nicole tells her that they could have lots of fun together. They talk about how Ava was in love with Patch. Nicole tells her there are a lot of other men out there. EJ walks in and Nicole tells her here comes a stud right now. When he walks over to their table he says it looks like he is in trouble. Nicole tells Ava that EJ is her attorney. Ava smiles and says he is her attorney too.

Marlena goes to talk to Roman about Sami but they end up discussing John. She tells him that this very well could push John over the edge. Roman thinks that Marlena is chasing after a dream with John. He is worried that she is in for a big disappointment thinking John will get his memory back. Marlena says she feels she has to keep trying. Roman reminds her that she came there to talk about Sami. He wants to know what is up with her now. Marlena asks him how much time he has. She tells him about Lucas walking in and finding Sami in bed with EJ.

Jan Barrett

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