John wakes up and finds his hands are cuffed to a chair and he tells Marlena she knows he can’t handle this. She tells him that Roman thinks he is innocent but they have him cuffed as a precaution. Sami walks in wanting to know what is going on and then EJ comes in asking if someone needs a lawyer. John says yes, he does. They bring John down to the police station for questioning with Marlena telling him to calm down. John tells Marlena not to let them do this to him.

Ava goes down to the police station to sign papers to have her father’s body released to her when Chelsea walks in and asks her what the hell she is doing there. Ava asks, “What’s your problem?” Chelsea yells, “My problem is you, bitch!

Cloe goes to see Phillip. She admits to him that she was jealous seeing him with Morgan and she apologizes for how she reacted. She tells him she has decided to leave town. Phillip asks when, and she says as soon as she gets everything in order. He asks her if she is coming back. She says “Never say never” She says as of now she has no plans of coming back though.

While kissing Phillip a messenger, brings papers to Cloe from Brady for their divorce. Cloe asks Phillip how come this hurts her so much. Phillip tells her just because love hasn’t worked for either of them before now doesn’t mean it never will. She tells him she doesn’t want to talk about this right now. Phillip kisses her again. They end up in bed making love.

Daniel meets with Bo. He tells Bo,” You didn’t say why you wanted to see me. This is about Chelsea, isn’t it?” Later Chelsea is talking to Daniel when a woman walks in with a little girl and she recognizes Daniel. She reminds him that he operated on her little girl. She thanks him for saving her daughter’s life and then she leaves.

Sami tells Lucas that she is not in love with EJ. She says she told him she has feelings for EJ. EJ is out in the hall listening to what she is saying to Lucas. Lucas tells Sami to make her mind up. EJ walks in and gives Sami the annulment papers and tells her he has signed his part, now all she needs is her signature. He walks out saying “Have a nice Life”.

Later Lucas and Sami have the twins playing with them. She asks Lucas if he will be willing to start a new life with her now. She asks does he want a future with her. He tells her no. He says he doesn’t think he can. He says just because he was spending time with their daughter and smiling that he forgot that she slept with another man. He says maybe he just needs some time and space. She tells him she signed that annulment and now nothing is standing in their way now. She asks for the chance to prove it to him and she kisses him. He walks out after the kiss leaving her just standing there.

EJ goes to the police station and demands that they release his client. Roman tells them to take John and book him. EJ waits for John so he can bail him out. Ava corners EJ and asks him how she can go about hiring him. He tells her even if he wanted to take her case, which he doesn’t, his boss would never go for it. She begs him to at least think about it. She offers him twice as much money as John is paying him if he will take her case. EJ changes his mind and he tells her she just hired herself a lawyer.

Jan Barrett

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