Roman asks John if he is smuggling drugs. John defends himself and Marlena tells him to promise her that he had nothing to do with those drugs. Marlena asks him again. He looks at them and says he is going down there. He blames Phillip and tells Marlena if she is siding with Phillip then so be it. He says, “I’m not dealing drugs. I will prove that to Salem’s finest.” Roman says, “No, John, you’re not going to do that.”

Roman tries to place John under arrest but John says no one is going to cuff him. He has flashbacks of when Stefano had him cuffed to the chair. He goes into a rage and punches Roman. Roman tells him to calm down when he sees Marlena with a syringe. John says he didn’t do anything and those drugs weren’t his. Marlena sticks him with the syringe and John panics asking her what she has done to him. As he goes down he tells her that he trusted her. He says he didn’t want more drugs. She tells him to take it easy and holds him as he hits the floor.

Cloe comes in at the Pub and tells Phillip that there was a huge shipment of drugs that came in on the docks and there is talk of some kind of a shoot out. Stephanie comes in right after and all she can think about is Max. She asks Cloe if she is sure there was gunfire. She runs out to find Max and as soon as she is out the door he walks up. She hugs him and tells him she heard there was gunfire. He said there was no gunfire but they opened up a crate full of drugs. Max realizes that he was supposed to work on that dock today but he didn’t. Now he is happy that he didn’t or he would be right in the middle of that.

Sami and Lucas talk after they kiss. He tells her he never stopped loving her. He says she is the love of his life and will never love anyone else. She tells him thank God he missed when he shot EJ. She says what he did was wrong. He tells her he asked her if she was in love with EJ and she hasn’t answered. She says she was offended by the question. She says he has no idea what she has been going through. She tells him how EJ was there for Allie while they were living at the safe house when she was sick. She says he was up all night with her and took care of her. Lucas says he doesn’t want EJ around his daughter. She asks him if he is going to try and take Allie away from her or is he willing to start over and come back into her life.

He says he is having a problem with her turning to EJ of all people. He mentions something about the first time she slept with EJ. She stops and hesitates and then she tells him that she did that to save his life. He tells her that he knows her. She could have found another way. She doesn’t say anything. She opens the door and tells him to leave. Later Sami is lying in bed crying when he comes back in and she tells him to get out. He tells her he is sorry. He tells her, “I need you to be honest with me. Don’t lie to me because I can tell. Do you have feelings for EJ?” She said yes she does. He says that is all he needs to know.

She tells him she sees the good in EJ. She says her family has forgiven her so she owes it to them to prove she can forgive others. Her phone rings and she tells Lucas to hang on. She answers and when she hangs up she tells Lucas she now has proof that EJ has changed. She says that was her Uncle Mickey. He confirmed to her that it was EJ that made the arrangements for Lucas to get out of prison on the house arrest program. So he has EJ to thank now. Lucas finds something to complain again about. He says EJ didn’t do this for him, he only did it to impress her to get her back into bed with him. She tells him that EJ didn’t trick her. She admits that she wanted him too.

She tells Lucas that EJ has changed. She says she was facing the rest of her life without him. She says to her she had hit rock bottom. She says EJ was there for her. He says he doesn’t want to hear this. She begs him to wait. She says she does have feelings for EJ but she knows they will go away if he will forgive her and start over with her. She says he is the love of her life and she begs him for a chance to prove that. Lucas tells her he doesn’t think they can get back together. He says it just won’t work because he can never forgive her for sleeping with his enemy.

Nicole goes to the Pub and joins Phillip and EJ. When Cloe and Nicole tie into it with each other Cloe calls her a little bitch. EJ separates Cloe and Nicole and tells her the best way to go about this is to back off. She says she isn’t the one that is picking the fights. She tells EJ not to be such a Brit and then she makes a play for him. He stops her and says for the last time he is not going to go out with her.

Max comes in and asks to speak to Phillip. He tells him that since he had tried recruiting him to spy on John for him he was wondering if maybe he has something to do with these drugs. Phillip says he had nothing to do with them. Abe walks in and says are you sure about that.  Phillip blames John. Abe thinks Phillip set all this up to frame John.

Jan Barrett

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