Daniel claims he isn’t getting much sleep lately and Lexi tells him she knows the feeling. He offers to be a good listener if she ever needs a shoulder to lean on to get things off her chest. She tells him she would rather not talk about it but tells him things at home with hubby just isn’t the best right now. She starts telling him how she and Abe disagree about sending Theo to a speech therapist.

Later Abe shows up at the hospital and tells Lexi he dropped Theo off at day care and he thought he would see if she wanted to have breakfast. She tells him he should have called first because she has a busy day. Finally Lexi gives in and agrees to have breakfast with him. When they get back to the hospital Lexi thanks Abe for asking her to join him. Abe tells her they should agree to do this at least once a week. His phone rings and while he is on the phone Daniel walks by and remarks that she looks happier. When Abe gets off the phone he asks Lexi if she talked to Daniel about their problems and isn’t happy when she admits she did which causes even more problems for the two of them now.

Sami tells her mother that Lucas is never going to forgive her now. She says if he would have told her he was coming home she never would have slept with EJ. Sami admits to Marlena that EJ is amazing with the twins and she says he really has changed so much. Marlena tells her though if she has her heart set with Lucas then she needs to fight for him.

Chelsea and Morgan are having breakfast while cramming for finals when Morgan goes to get a drink. Phillip sees her and invites her to sit and talk with him but she says she is with Chelsea so she can’t. Her phone rings and it is her father. When she hangs up Phillip asks her how her father is. She tells him if he is indicted he will go to prison so how does he think he would be. Phillip tells her he is sorry but her father broke the law so he might have to pay. John walks up and tells them it just isn’t going to happen. Later Phillip goes to talk to Morgan and offers to help her father in court by asking for favors. Morgan asks him if he can do that. He says yes he can. She asks what she has to do for him in return. He tells her to tell him whatever she knows about John. Cloe walks up and is surprised to see him with Morgan.

EJ finds Lucas downstairs with his daughter and tries to makes peace since they are all going to be living under the same roof but of course Lucas doesn’t want peace. Lucas thinks he has an answer to their problems after EJ tells him he doesn’t want the children to be caught in the crossfire. His solution is for EJ to move out. Sami and Marlena walk in just in time to hear Lucas. Sami asks him what is going on. EJ says nothing, they were just talking.

Marlena gets Allie and tells Sami and Lucas she doesn’t care how they do it but they better solve something here because she won’t have the twins hurt in all this. She says she is taking Allie up to bed and then asks Sami if she will be ok. Sami thanks her and says yes she will be.

When Marlena walks out EJ offers to call a truce for the sake of the twins but Lucas doesn’t think that is a good idea. He tells EJ that if he won’t move out then he will and he will be taking his daughter with him. Sami just looks at EJ. Rolf comes in with a package for EJ. It is a bottle of wine with a car thanking him for last night. Sami has a fit and calls Nicole a slut asking him what was he doing with her last night. Lucas knows right away that she must be talking about Nicole and Sami says her calling her a slut gave it away. She insists that EJ tells her what he was doing with Nicole. He tells her Nicole is his client and they had a business dinner.

Lucas tells Sami he can see now that she is in love with EJ now and as soon as he can make arrangements he will be moving out with his daughter. She yells at him and says she isn’t in love with EJ and she blames Lucas but he refuses to take the blame. She tells him he left her and wouldn’t even talk to her. She says EJ is the one that has been there for her.

Daniel finds Chelsea and Morgan at the Pub while they are studying for their exams. He asks Morgan if he could have a minute with Chelsea. Morgan says that is fine and then leaves for her internship. Daniel sits down and tells Chelsea to go on and say what she wants to say.

Rolf brings Sami a warm cup of milk telling her that it is good for the nerves. She tastes it and says it is disgusting. He offers to spike it for her but she says it is a bit too early in the day for that. She apologizes for snapping at him earlier and then asks his advice. She wants to know if he has ever done something that he can’t seem to admit to himself that he isn’t sorry for. He reminds her who he is and says he has. She asks how he lives with himself over it. He tells her he tells himself that he can not change the past but accepts the fact that he can control his future.

She thanks him and then tells him if he sees Lucas to please tell him she is looking for him. Lucas is just outside the door and he tells her he is right there. When Rolf leaves he closes the door. Sami says hi and he says hi back. She apologizes to Lucas for everything. She says it isn’t his fault, she says she is the one that screwed up. He asks her if she knows how many nights he laid awake in prison. He says almost everyone. He tells her it is because every single night he thought about doing this and he grabs her and kisses her.

Roman comes over to check around after Marlena asked for his help off the record with the stolen disc. John tells Roman he wants him off of his property. Marlena stops him and tells him she wants Roman to help them. Pulled to the side John tells her he has his own investigators trying to find it. She tells him she was only trying to help by asking for Roman’s help. She tells him she is doing this for them. So he agrees to let Roman help.

Jan Barrett

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