Kayla is dreaming that she is holding the baby when Ava walks in and takes the baby from her. When she wakes she sees Ava walking into the room with flowers for her. Ava tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid of her any more. She says all the medication is out of her system now and she is so sorry. Kayla says she doesn’t think Steve would like seeing her there. She said that is why she came so late. She waited till he left. Kayla asks if Steve left the hospital and she said no, he was down in neo-natal.

Ava tells Kayla that she didn’t have to help her but she found out about those pills she was taking and helped get her well. Kayla says she did it because she is a doctor and that is what doctor’s do. She says no she did it because she is a good person. Kayla tells Ava she appreciates her coming by and offering her support. Kayla tells Ava that she most likely is about to inherit a lot of money. Ava says she doesn’t care about the money. Kayla says no but she should. She says she could take her father’s money that he made from hurting a lot of people and put it where it would make a difference to someone.

Ava tells Kayla she knows she is worried but she should get some rest. Kayla says she just wants to see her baby. She says it will probably be tomorrow. Ava says to hell with that why doesn’t she just sneak down there. Kayla says they are watching her. Ava says well it is probably best because she needs to rest. She says she will be saying a prayer for them and then she leaves. Later Ava returns dressed in scrubs and tells Kayla she knew she wanted to see her little boy so she got her something. She hands Kayla her phone and shows her pictures she took. Kayla says oh he is beautiful.

Phillip goes to the Brady Pub and finds it close but he talks the guy there into letting him in since he since he was planning to meet someone there not knowing they would be closed. Once the meeting is over Cloe comes around and asks Phillip what is going on. Cloe thinks that she and Phillip can be more than just friends. She tells him she wants him to help her forget about Brady.

Sami remarks how the baby was so good with Lucas. He asks her how long has she been sleeping with EJ. She tells him this was the first time but he doesn’t believe her. He says he doesn’t blame her for being lonely but what he can’t understand why she turned to EJ. She asked him how come he didn’t call and tell her he was coming home. He says he wanted to surprise her but now he is sorry. She swears that nothing was going on between her and EJ until tonight.

EJ walks in after Lucas yells at her and tells him she is telling the truth. Sami tells EJ it is ok, she can handle this. When he leaves Lucas tells Sami he can never believe anything she tells him again. John walks in and asks Lucas who he is and wants to know why he is speaking to Sami with such disrespect. Lucas is wondering why John doesn’t know him.

Marlena walks in and is shocked to see Lucas. She wants to know how he got there and out of prison. Lucas says John has agreed to be responsible for him. John says he did but now he isn’t so sure he made the right decision. Marlena wants to know what is going on. Lucas tells her John apparently forgot EJ lives there too. Marlena tells him he has nothing to worry about with EJ being there. Lucas tells her that he caught Sami in bed with EJ when he got there tonight.

Marlena looks towards Sami and asks her to please tell her that is not true. Marlena tells Lucas she is sure there is an explanation for tonight. He says he knows what the explanation is. He says Sami is a lying cheating whore. John jumps in and tells Lucas that no one talks to his step-daughter like that. Marlena tells him no matter how upset he is, he can not speak to her daughter like that without letting her explain it to him.

Sami tells him ok she can give him an explanation. She says EJ has been there for her. She tells him about how EJ has helped her with the twins. She tells him how he spends nights up with them and never complained. She said after she got his email she was upset. She tells John and Marlena about how Lucas sent her an email telling her to move on with her life and how even if he got out of prison she should move on. Lucas says well he just couldn’t understand why she had to turn to his mortal enemy.

Sami turns the tables on Lucas by telling him he should have been honest with her. She said with all that was happening she was totally honest with him about everything. Then suddenly she is defending EJ by telling Lucas that he has been one hell of a good husband to her which is more than she can say about him. She tells him she didn’t mean that the way it sounded. Lucas says, “You ruined it. You slept with the devil, Sami! I can never believe another lying word that comes out of your mouth.”

Sami asks John for his opinion in this. He says it as he sees it and Marlena says this is not helping. He says he is only being honest but he does know one thing for sure. Marlena asks what that is. He says her family is more screwed up than she says he is.

Nicole runs into EJ and she tells him she needs him and from the way he looks she would say he needs her now too. She reminds him that she did make Sami jealous. She says in fact Sami was infuriated with her. EJ asks her what it is that she needs him for. She says it is about Pookie. She says she is ok now but the Vet won’t let her take her home with her so she wants him to find a way to make them let her come home tonight. EJ yells at Nicole telling her he is so tired of hearing her talk about Pookie. She says Pookie is her only friend. EJ asks her what is wrong with her anyway. Then he says fine he will help her if he can. 

She asks him what he means, what is wrong with her. He tells her there is nothing wrong with her that a little self confidence wouldn’t cure. He tells her that there is a man out there for her. Nicole says not for her but then again she says maybe he is right. Maybe the guy for her is looking right at her. He tells her not him, he is still head over heels in love with Sami. He tells her that Lucas is out of prison but he really thinks that once the dust settles it will come out that Sami loves him too. Nicole tells him not to fool himself. Sami has never loved anyone but Lucas all her life.

Jan Barrett

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