Sami and EJ are ready for the Immigration Hearing when Sami is surprised with Nicole walking in apologizing for being late. Sami asks what the hell she is doing there. They call John in first for questioning. He tells EJ and Sami not to worry, he has their backs covered. Sami and Nicole argue over her being there. Nicole says she has volunteered to testify for EJ. When they call her in she is in there for a while. When she comes out Sami asks her how it went. She looks at Sami and says well little Johnny will have fun visiting his father in Scotland and maybe he could swing by Switzerland to see Will.

Sami loses her temper and grabs Nicole by the neck. Marlena stops her and the man calls Sami in. EJ stops them and asks if he and Sami could go in together. He has no objections and brings them both into his office. After a lot of questions he asks Sami the main question, does she love EJ. She tells him yes she does love EJ. Nicole warns Sami after that she may have blown it by going after her and the Immigration guy seeing her. Sami starts crying after Nicole walks out and says what if she is right.

Max talks to Phillip at the Pub. Phillip tells him he knows of a way he can earn some extra money. He says he could keep an eye out at the docks and help him nail John Black. Morgan walks in and tells Phillip when will he ever give up. She says she heard what he asked Max and she wants him to quit pulling her friends in on his plan to attack John Black and her father.

Martino Vitali, Ava’s father, is questioned about being in Ava’s room. The guard tells him she doesn’t think he is supposed to be there. He tells her he got a court order allowing him to see his daughter. He tells Steve he never thought he’d see him again. Steve says likewise. He asks who Kayla is. She says she is one of the doctors taking care of Ava and she is also one of the four people that were held hostage at his house. He wants to know what is wrong with his daughter.

Kayla asks him if he could explain why Ava’s doctor would want to drive her out of her mind and make her crazy. He assures Kayla that Dr. Nusbaum is a highly respected physician and he can think of no reason why he would want to hurt Ava. Ava looks at her father and asks did Dr. Nusbaum do this to her. He tells her that he will get to the bottom of this. She starts crying saying that all those years that he had her locked up were for nothing because it was her doctor making her sick. He tells her if she is going to blame anyone, blame Patch.

Kate goes to see Chelsea when she gets the news that Chelsea will no longer be able to have children. She asks Chelsea if she was hoping that she and Daniel could be more than just friends. Nick comes over to see Chelsea. He wants to take her out in Mickey’s boat and have a nice romantic picnic with her on the beach. She makes an excuse why she can’t go making Nick wonder why. He asks her what is wrong. She says she is still recovering and she just needs some rest. He asks her if she wants him to go. She just tells him she will call him when she starts feeling better. He starts to kiss her good bye but she turns so he kisses her on her cheeks instead. He leaves and she grabs her cell phone and calls Daniel but hangs up after he answers without saying anything.

Daniel is with Lexi telling her good bye. She asks him if he is leaving Salem because he wants to catch a wave or because of Chelsea Brady. He denies it being because of Chelsea. When his phone rings and he answers, he looks ay Lexi and says who ever it was hung up.

Stephanie goes to see Chelsea and she tells him she thought she was Nick. She says she just isn’t in the mood for Nick. Chelsea asks her about Max. Stephanie tells her that it is going great and now that she is with Max she just can’t imagine life without him. Chelsea says yeah she remembers feeling that same way about Nick before she met Daniel. She stops herself saying she must sound terrible talking like that. Stephanie tells her she watched out Daniel looked at her and she could see he was like totally into her. She says no offence to Nick but Daniel is so hot. Chelsea says but he doesn’t look at her that way. Stephanie says she doesn’t think so. She gets Chelsea to admit it out loud that she has fallen in love with Daniel.

When Stephanie leaves Chelsea hears a knock at the door. When she opens the door she sees Daniel standing there. She looks at him and asks him what he is doing there. She invites him in and tells him that Hope and Bo are napping trying to rest. He says that is ok, he was hoping to look in on Bo but the real reason he is there is to tell her good bye. She asks if he is really going to go. He says yes he is off to catch a wave. He tells Chelsea he has to leave Salem after she asks him can’t he stay. He stops her by asking her to tell Bo and Hope good bye for him. He walks towards the door and Chelsea turns away so she can’t see him walk out. Daniel turns around and comes back in grabbing Chelsea and kisses her good bye and then he leaves. Chelsea just smiles.

Kate runs into Martino at the Pub and they chat. She agrees to meet him for dinner later but reluctantly. He promises that there would be no strings attached. When she is ready to go he can see that something is wrong with her. She tells him that actually she isn’t ok. She tells him about running into the crime scene down by the docks and seeing a man that had been murdered.

Jan Barrett

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