Daniel and Chelsea are kissing passionately when suddenly he pulls away. Chelsea doesn’t want him to get away with that so she goes over to him and kisses him again. Chelsea is half naked when suddenly they hear a voice coming into the locker room. Daniel shoves Chelsea into one of the lockers to hide her. She says, “Dr. Jonas.” Daniel says, “That’s right.” She smiles and says it looks like she caught him at a good time, after she notices him standing there in just a towel.

She starts talking to Daniel flirting with him with Chelsea in the locker listening rolling her eyes. He turns the woman’s advances down by telling her he is seeing someone now. She tells him this other woman is a lucky woman. Then she writes her phone number down and tells him if things don’t work out to give her a call. She leaves and then Daniel opens the locker up. Chelsea asks him was he talking about her when he said he was seeing someone. When Chelsea gets dressed she tells Daniel that she is the reason he stayed in Salem. She asks him to please give them a chance. He says he knows what she is asking and he can’t do it. She says she knows he wants her so what is the problem. He says she deserves a commitment and he can’t give it to her.

Abe and Lexi are having different thoughts about how they should be teaching their son how to speak. They keep telling each other to stop pushing him thinking their own way is better. Lexi tells Abe how she can’t stop thinking about Steve and Kayla and then how she can’t help but remember when they found out she was pregnant with Theo. She says she can’t help but think about what if they had lost their little boy. She says if Steve and Kayla lose their baby she doesn’t know how they will handle it. Abe tells her not to even think about that right now.

After Lexi gets Theo down for the night she comes downstairs and sits next to Abe. They both realize how long it has been since they have been able to sit together like this. She says how her neck and back are killing her so he offers to give her a massage. He kisses her on the neck and she smiles. He asks her if she wants to go upstairs and she smiles again and agrees. Just as they are about to go the phone rings. She grabs for the phone saying it might be about Kayla’s baby. When she gets off the phone he tells her while she was on the phone Theo woke up but he is sleeping again now. Lexi apologizes about the phone call. She tells him she doesn’t want to lose him and he tells her good because he doesn’t want to lose her either.

Nick talks to Max about Chelsea and Daniel. Max thinks Nick is being really calm about it. He asks him if he isn’t mad at Daniel for going after Chelsea. Nick doesn’t believe he is, in fact he thinks it is just something that happened. Stephanie comes in and tells Max that they still won’t let them see her baby brother. She is so worried that he won’t make it. She says her Mom is a wreck right now and they had to give her a sedative to calm her down. She says her Dad is trying to be strong for her Mom. Max says he will get some food together for her to bring to her Dad. Nick tells her that this hospital is one of the best in the country so he thinks her baby brother has a good chance of making it here.

Nick asks Stephanie if she knows what Max did with the papers he sent in for him. She tells him all she knows is that he cleaned them up for him and rewrote them and then sent them in. They go to the bar where Max is and they tell him that they think he knows a lot more than he is letting them know he does but he denies it. He tells Nick that he got one of the professors to help him rewrite the papers so Nick wants to call him to thank him but he isn’t there so he leaves a voice message.

Lucas is getting out of prison and being released under house arrest. Mickey tells him if he messes up he will be right back in prison. Maggie tells him she is so happy for him. Lucas says he can’t wait to see the look on Sami’s face when she finds out. Mickey goes over the rules of the do’s and the don’ts while he is under house arrest. He also lets Lucas know that Sami no longer lives in their apartment. Lucas has a fit demanding to know why Sami moved. They tell him she moved in to Stefano DiMera’s house with Marlena and John. Maggie tells her that money was tight and Sami couldn’t find work and be able to afford the high cost of child care so when Marlena offered her help she jumped at it. Lucas asks why is Marlena living there now, and Maggie tells him because she wanted to be with John. Lucas wants to know what else there is that is going on involving Sami that he should know about.

Sami and EJ are in a hot situation with each other about to make love. She has no idea Lucas is being released. Things are really getting hotter and they are really getting into it when Sami tells EJ to shut up and kiss her more. Suddenly one of the twins starts crying which stops them both. They finally get the twins back to sleep and they go right back to bed and start making love again.

The guard from the prison escorts Lucas to the DiMera mansion where he will be placed under house arrest. Standing outside the door he hesitates about going in and says he can’t wait to see Sami’s face. Meanwhile Sami and EJ are up in her room making love.

Jan Barrett

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