Kayla gave birth to a baby boy but he was not breathing when he was born. They have him in intensive care. Stephanie asks Chelsea if she thinks that since Daniel was so good with her that he would be willing to help save her little brother’s life. Lexi tells Kayla and Steve that a lung specialist is with the baby in ICU to see what they can do to help the baby breathe on his own. They don’t want Steve or Kayla down there until the doctor’s are done. Lexi tells Kayla she needs to rest. She says she can’t rest til she knows if her baby will be ok. She says she is going down there and they can’t stop her but Steve tells her no.

Sami is in her room thinking about Lucas and then EJ. She starts to go out of her room to look for EJ but hesitates at the door. She has no idea that EJ is standing outside the door wanting to knock on it to talk to her but something is holding him back at the same time. She finally gives in and opens the door and she finds EJ standing there. They start talking and EJ wonders why she backed off after such an intense kiss. She finally admits what she done to Austin. She says she practically forced herself on him and eventually he forgave her. She asks what kind of a person she would be if she couldn’t forgive him for what he did to her. They make a deal to never bring up that night again to each other.

EJ asks her to please give him a break over his relationship with Nicole. She asks if that’s what they have together. He claims it is only a business relationship, nothing more. He says nothing has happened between them. She asks if he is sure and he says yes. He says she has nothing to be jealous of. He asks her if she really was jealous of Nicole and she says yes she was.

She says he has no idea how much Nicole gets under her skin. She says she will do anything to get to her. He tells her he knows how Nicole is so she can’t get away with anything with him. She says he has no idea what a player Nicole can be. He says the only one that he is being played against is her. She asks what he means. He says with her kiss. He wants to know was she just playing with him or did she really mean it. She tells EJ she kissed him because she wanted to the first time. She says she kissed him the second time because she didn’t expect it. She enjoyed it. EJ tells Sami, “It’s just the two of us. So whatever happens now is up to you!” He moves towards her and they kiss again. Things get really hot between them and EJ lies her down on her bed as they start to make love.

Mickey goes to the prison in Statesville and asks Lucas how he would like to go home. Lucas says wait, back up a minute and explain this. Mickey tells him there is a condition with the over crowding of prisons. Mickey explains that he would have to wear the ankle bracelet and be under house arrest. He asks Lucas if he is interested. Lucas says hell yes get him out of here.

Maggie comes in to see Lucas and tells him that everyone sends their love from home. He asks even Sami? She wants to know why wouldn’t Sami. He tells her how Sami wanted to come see him but he refused the visit because he didn’t want her near the prison. Maggie tells Lucas that was a dumb thing to do. Mickey goes to a meeting with the warden and comes back with good news. As soon as the paper work is done Lucas can get out of there.

Steve tells Stephanie that her mother is still pretty upset since they won’t let her see the baby. The doctor comes out and tells Steve that Kayla needs to work on getting her blood count up. The doctor says she needs the family to focus on Kayla for a while to get her back to health and let her staff focus on the baby. They go sit with Kayla and she tells them she is so worried. She says their little guy is down there fighting for his life without them. Stephanie suggests something that would get their mind off things. She says they can talk about names. Lexi comes in and tells them that the baby still isn’t breathing in his own.

Chelsea finds Daniel in the locker room just as he comes out the shower. She asks him about Kayla’s baby. He tells her the baby has problems from being premature not from a disease so there isn’t much he can do to help him. He asks if there was another reason she came there looking for him. She says she was wondering if he made a decision over them or not. He says there will never be anything between them. She tells him fine, he knows how she feels and where she stands on this. She says he knows where she will be if he changes his mind and she starts to walk out. He grabs her and pulls her to him and they kiss again.

Jan Barrett

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