Kayla is going in labor and she is worried because it is too soon. She begs her doctor to stop the contractions. Her doctor tells her that she has to try and calm down but Kayla can’t. Steve is right there with her trying to help.

Hope tells Bo they need to call and tell Stephanie. She is with Chelsea eating popcorn and watching a movie. Hope tells her she doesn’t want her to panic but she needs to come to the hospital because her mother seems to be in labor. Stephanie says she isn’t due yet, she can’t be in labor.

Bo and Hope go in to see Kayla and she starts with contractions again. The doctor orders more medication to try and stop them for her. Steve pulls Lexi on the side and asks her if the baby comes this early what its chances to survive are. Lexi just looks at him. The doctor tells Kayla the contractions are coming closer and the medication is not working. Kayla says she knows the stats. If this baby comes too soon its chance of survival is not good. Steve tells her it is a Johnson so that means it is a fighter.

The medication simply won’t stop the contractions so Kayla is going to have the baby. She fights it when they are in delivery saying it is way too early. Lexi tells her that she is completely dilated so this baby is coming whether she wants it to or not so she may as well help it. Steve and Stephanie are coaching Kayla encouraging her to push but she is still fighting it because she is scared. They tell Kayla she needs to push one more time.

Suddenly Kayla stops screaming. The doctor talks to the baby calling him a little guy. Kayla catches on right away saying it is a boy. She also sees the look on the doctor’s face as she hands the baby to the nurse to put him into the incubator. She asks what’s wrong with her baby. They roll him out the room and she screams out what is wrong with her baby again. Lexi says she is sorry but he wasn’t breathing. Kayla screams as she grabs Steve crying.

Cloe comes in where Victor is having dinner and he wants to know what the hell she is doing there. She says she came in for a drink. He tells her to enjoy it before he has her arrested for trespassing. They argue and she tells him she has a right to stay there because she is family. She finds out he already knows that Brady is planning on divorcing her. He says that brings him back to the family part. He wants to know why she would want to stay where she isn’t wanted and who invited her to come back. Phillip walks in and says he invited her.

Victor tells Cloe he needs to talk to his son alone. He tells Phillip that this house is his. Phillip tells him he had no right keeping it from him about Brady. Phillip tells Victor about what is going on with John Black and about the disk he got that is encrypted in code. Victor is impressed at how Phillip is handling things and decides to give him more responsibilities. He is going to let Phillip take over business and he says he will just watch over him from a different view and give his advice now and then.

EJ and Sami are discussing her kissing him again. She tries to deny that the kiss meant anything to her and she refuses to discuss it. EJ’s phone rings and she thinks it is Nicole and accuses her of probably having him on speed dial. He tells her it is from the Statesville prison. Sami gets nervous and waits for the news. EJ gets off the phone and Sami is disappointed when he says it didn’t work but he promises that it doesn’t mean they can’t keep trying.

EJ tells Sami she looks tired and so is he. He says if she doesn’t mind he is going to bed because he promised Nicole a game of tennis in the morning. Sami says yeah if she doesn’t have some huge hangover. He said well that may be. When he starts to go upstairs Sami asks him just what it is that he sees in Nicole. He tells her it is more of what she sees in him. Sami says yeah but what woman wouldn’t. He responds by saying she doesn’t.

EJ tells Sami he needs to know what kind of feelings she has for him. He says he needs to know. If she wants him to stay away from Nicole he needs to know where they stand. She tells EJ he is her husband and there is no way she is going to let that slut sink her claws into him. He asks her what she is going to do about it.  She moves closer to him and they start kissing and taking each other’s clothes off.

Jan Barrett

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