Sami goes home mad as hell calling EJ every name in the book. Rolf comes in telling her to be quiet because he just got the twins to sleep. She throws herself on the sofa and rambles on about EJ and Rolf asks her what in the world is wrong. Rolf thinks she cares more for EJ than she wants to admit. She says she has had enough of him. She tells him she wishes she could talk to Lucas.

Rolf tells Sami he shouldn’t be telling her this but he overheard EJ talking to someone from the prison in Statesville where Lucas is and it seems as though Lucas just might be getting out of prison earlier than she thinks.

EJ and Nicole are in the sauna kissing passionately when suddenly EJ pulls away and tells her they have to stop. He says they can’t be doing this because he is in love with Sami. Nicole thinks he is only with Sami because they share a child together but he says he really loves her. She reminds him that Sami is in love with Lucas but EJ says that may be but it won’t be for much longer. EJ tells Nicole of his plans on getting Lucas out of prison and placed under house arrest because of the prisons being over crowded. He says he can’t keep competing with Lucas as long as he is behind bars gaining Sami’s pity. He says he needs to make Sami realize that he is the victim here that was shot and he isn’t the bad guy but Lucas is.

When EJ comes home Sami asks him why he is trying to help Lucas get out of prison. He tells her it is because he knows how much she loves him. He admits that he does love her but his only wishes are for her to be happy. She reminds him that he raped her the night Johnny was conceived. She says she can not even look at her son without remembering where he came from. She says she can’t ever forget it. He asks her if it is because of that night that she just can’t get close to him.

He tries in every way possible to apologize to her for that night. He tells her how that night changed him in more ways he can tell her and he explains that it is why he has done things like turn his father in. It was just to try and prove to her that he has changed. He says he has hopes that one day she might be able to bring herself to wipe the slate clean because he is so sorry.

While they are pouring their hearts out Nicole barges in. Sami ends up putting Nicole out the door and EJ laughs at her for it. She tells him she wants him to stay away from Nicole. He says he can’t control what Nicole does and points out that it is her chasing him not him going after her. Sami says again she means it, she wants him to stay away from her. EJ says or what! She says or… she doesn’t stop to think what she is doing but she goes up to him and kisses him passionately and of course EJ responds back to her. She suddenly pulls away and says Oh My God! He asks her is there a problem. She says “I just kissed you” He says there is nothing wrong with that. She yells “What’s wrong with me?” and then runs upstairs.

Bo arrests Martino’s goons in the Pub. Martino tells him they can’t hold him responsible for someone trying to kill Patch. Bo tells him they got something from the guy they arrested trying to shoot Steve. It belonged to the doctor and proves he is the one that killed his doctor. They find evidence in the man’s wallet that can tie him to him. Martino says, “You need to pin that murder on whoever you arrested. You can’t prove he works for me.” Ava tells him, “No, but I can.”

She tells Bo she can verify all of her father’s employees. Martino tells her to keep her mouth shut. She tells him he gave the orders to kill the man she loves so now she has had enough. She says the doctor was giving her drugs to make her go insane. Angelo interrupts and tells her that it wasn’t the doctor’s fault. She wants to know what he means. He says the doctor was giving her the drugs but only on orders from her father.

Angelo says he couldn’t stand seeing her hurt like that anymore. Ava says “My God it is true” Martino says no it isn’t. She says yes it is. Martino starts to say something but Bo tells him to shut up and let her talk. She remembers him trying to get rid of her mother. She says the drugs were to make her forget. She starts hitting him saying he had her mother killed. She calls him a sick son of a bitch. Martino pulls a gun but Bo pulls his faster and shoots. Martino ends up on the floor dead. Ava falls to the floor and cries over her father asking him how could he do this to her.

When the paramedics take the body away Bo tells Roman someone needs to talk to Ava. Roman goes to her and apologizes about her father. He tells her that she can’t leave town still and then tells Angelo the same thing. Angelo tells him he will take care of Ava just like he always has. Roman says good and tells Angelo to call if he needs any help. When they leave Bo gets a call from Steve telling him he is at the hospital and that Kayla is in labor so he and Bo leave to go check on her.

Stephanie finds Max down at the docks and they apologize to each other over their fight. He tries to explain to her about why he did what he did with Nick’s papers. He tells her what scared him the most was the thought of hurting her in all of this. She says she tried to stay mad at him but she just couldn’t. He takes her in his arms and kisses her. Max plans a picnic down on the pier with Stephanie.

Jan Barrett

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