Nicole walks in and finds Phillip and Cloe eating dinner together. She is surprised to see them together and she asks if they are a couple now. Nicole tells Phillip that despite what he thinks, she really does care about him. Nicole gets a call from EJ asking her to join him at the gym so she tells Phillip she has to go. When she is gone Phillip tells Cloe not to let Nicole get to her. Phillip accuses Cloe of coming back to Salem to be with him. They start kissing and suddenly Cloe pulls away and tells Phillip she can’t do this. She tells him she didn’t come back for him and she walks away. He asks her what about dinner but she says she suddenly lost her appetite and leaves.

Sami catches EJ as he is going out the door. He hands her the baby monitor and says he will be back later. She asks where he is going and he says to the gym. Marlena walks in so Sami asks her if she can watch the twins and hands her the monitor and runs upstairs. Marlena asks her where she is going and she says to the gym. When Sami gets there she sees EJ helping a woman with using weights and Sami backs up so EJ doesn’t see her and she falls to the floor. EJ sees her but doesn’t let on that he did and he just smiles.

Nicole comes into the gym and sees Sami on the treadmill. She asks Sami if she is there for a good workout. Sami says yes that is why she is there. EJ tells her he didn’t know she was going to be there. She says she got an invite from her friend that is on the treadmill next to her. Nicole tells her that EJ invited her to join him there. EJ says he just wanted the company and then asks Sami if she minds. Sami of course says she doesn’t care what they do.

When they walk off Nicole suggests to EJ that they go to the steam room saying it just loud enough for Sami to hear. When they get in the steam room EJ tells Nicole he thinks Sami wasn’t too happy with them. They sit down while in towels only and they share a hot kiss together. As the kisses get hotter EJ stops her and tells her he is really in love with Sami. Nicole asks what does love has to do with this and kisses him again.

When they are out the room Sami sends her friend Chris to go to the steam room and see if he can hear what EJ and Nicole talk about. The guy goes to the steam room and finds the door locked but when he puts his ear to the door and he can only hear moaning. He goes back out and tells Sami that’s all he could hear and then says well if it makes her feel better he at least sounded like he was good.

Daniel goes to see Marlena and asks her for some advice. She asks for what and he tells her it is a little personal. Marlena asks John if he will excuse them for a few minutes. John refuses and says they were in the middle of something. She asks him to give her just a few minutes please. He tells her not to be long and leaves the room. Marlena asks Daniel what sort of problem he has. He tells Marlena about how his wife died and how he can’t go through that again. She asks him if he is saying that he is getting involved with a patient. He tells her yes and he was hoping she could tell him how one can fall out of love and just move on.

Marlena tells Daniel she thinks he knows what he wants to do. He says tell him something he doesn’t know. She says ok she will tell him what he wants. She says he wants her to tell him it is ok to go after what he wants. He tells her damn she is good. He asks her if she thinks he should go for it and Marlena tells him she didn’t say that. He gets frustrated and she laughs. She says what she is saying is that if he does decide to go for it to take it slow. She says there is no need to rush into things.

Chelsea and Kate have dinner together and Chelsea asks her for some advice of her own. She asks Kate how she can make a guy realize that he really loves her. Kate asks if she is talking about Daniel. Kate suggests to Chelsea that she stay as far away from Daniel as she can but Chelsea doesn’t think that is what she should do.

Daniel goes to the Pub and sees Chelsea and Kate there. When Kate leaves Daniel joins Chelsea. She tells him she was talking to Kate getting advice about him. He admits to her that he actually talked to a shrink about them tonight himself. She tells him that she isn’t going to chase after him but when he makes up his mind what he wants he knows where he can find her and she walks out.

Ava asks Angelo again why her father wanted him to keep her occupied and out of the way for. He admits to her that her father wanted her out of the way so he could take care of Patch. Ava calls her father and tells him they need to talk. When she hangs up Angelo asks her if he is coming to see her. He tells her he is so sick of her father controlling him and his life. She tells him now that those drugs are out of her system her Daddy’s days of controlling her are over.

When Martino comes in at the Pub he starts to kiss Ava but she tells him not to and tells him to sit down. When he does he asks what all of this is about. She tells him what ever it is that he is planning to do to Patch, he better think again or he will be sorry. He says he isn’t planning to do anything and wants to know where she would get that idea from.

Bo calls Hope and lets her know that Steve is in trouble but he warns her not to let Kayla know. Hope says she is on her way and she tells him she loves him too. After she leaves Kayla is sitting there and she whispers to Hope that she can’t just stay there. She says she has to call Steve and get him to come get her. She gets up to use the phone and she starts cramping again. She realizes this is too early but she needs help so she grabs the phone and dials 911 telling them she thinks she is in labor.

Bo and Hope go down to the docks to look for Steve. Bo walks up along side of the man aiming his gun as Steve and holds a gun to his head and they arrest him. Steve asks them what took them so long. He says he knew they had his back so he wasn’t worried. Later they go to the Pub and tell Martino that he is under arrest for two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder on Steve Johnson. Ava just looks at her father.

Jan Barrett

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